On the Mat

When it comes to your yoga practice, the right mat makes all the difference. And while you can save a few bucks by browsing the discount rack for fashionable spandex, don’t skimp when it comes to your mat; your foundation!

You need a mat that meets your needs. You need a mat you can count on time and time again. You need a mat that understands you and doesn’t shy away from your morning breath. In fact, you deserve the most magical of yoga mats. But, how does one find their forever mat? How do you know when it’s the one? You just know… but wait!


By skirt, I mean yoga mat. And wouldn’t you wanna know what your friends think? Better than that, how about some experience-based tips?

My Top 3 Tips!

  1. Determine your individual needs. -Do you travel often? Are your knees tender? Do you have a latex allergy? Is your practice usually sweaty? Are you taller than most? Etc.mat2
  2. If budget is a major determining factor, you still have options. Sign up to receive discounts and stay abreast of sales. Then, your financing issue becomes a great opportunity to practice patience. Perspective makes a helluva difference!mat3
  3.   Consider reviews. What are people saying? How did the mat fare compared to others? It just so happens that a huge product comparison was conducted by Reviews.com Check out the link here.


So as you can see, I am a fan of Manduka. Recently, however, I’ve discovered B Yoga mat and I’m impressed. I recommend either of these brands, though there are several other mats that may suit you better, so be sure to read up on them using the link above.



See you on the mat!


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