New Mama Must Haves

As a new mom, it’s difficult to determine what your baby will actually need and use. And of course like other new parents, you’ll want the best for your little one (within budget because you’re also sensible.)

So how do you decide on what brands or products? You can surf the internet, ask your friends and family, or simply find out first hand by experimenting. I did all of the above and discovered what items I’d most recommend.

NUMBER ONE: Ergobaby. It doesn’t have to be this brand per se. I’m sure there are other great baby carriers. The bottom line is that baby wearing is the bee’s knees! You get to bond with baby AND it allows you to be hands free! Our Ergobaby has a large front pocket so I can also store my phone and cash/card. It would even fit a diaper and a small wipe case. Strollers are wonderful, but grocery shopping or navigating through crowds of people is not as easy as wearing your baby. Ergobaby carriers and the like can be pricy, so shop around for a deal if you can. My husband found ours on Craigslist for an incredible $80. Invest in less stress!



NUMBER TWO: Dr. Brown’s bottles. Yes, these bottles are equipped with more parts than your standard bottle. Yes, washing all those parts is totally worth it, in my opinion. Our baby experiences much less gas when she feeds from them. That means less crying and discomfort for her. Happy baby means happy parents. That’s what we call a parenting win. Check them out via this link.

NUMBER THREE: Thermos. You read that right. A thermos. Going on a trip that requires you to be away from home during baby’s meal time? Never fear, a quality thermos will keep the water nice and hot for hours. Store a bottle of room temp water in your diaper bag to bring down the temperature. We even keep hot water in our thermos while we’re home so we can quickly prepare bottles. It has come in so handy, especially during night feedings. Here’s a link to the kick ass one we bought.

NUMBER FOUR: Gripe Water. We discovered this must have when our girl was screaming even after changing her, trying to feed her, trying to rock her to sleep and cuddle. Hubby when out and picked some up and in no time she was farting and burping up a storm.


That’s all for now, but stay tuned for tips and techniques for the first 3 months with baby!


Love and light,