What’s In A Name?

It was important to me to not rush into choosing a name for our daughter. I was confident that when I saw it or heard it I would know it. Of course I sourced websites and books for inspiration, but none of the names I found struck me as “the one.”

Before we knew our little girl was indeed a girl we had a very short list for a boy or a girl. Ideas for girl’s names came so naturally to me, and I already had the idea of using my some part of my grandma’s name. My husband and I could only agree on one name for a boy, Evan James. So when we actually found out we were expecting a girl everything made sense, “so that’s why I couldn’t think of any boy names!” It might sound silly to you, but it hit home with me.

Well, one day I’m surfing Pinterest researching chakras and corresponding yoga postures. I wanted to design a prenatal chakra flow. Anyway, I’m working my way up from Root to Crown when I come across Heart. I clicked on an infographic that also mentioned healing stones for the Heart chakra. That’s when I saw it, and felt that this was it, this is the name! Let me remind you, James and I still don’t know there is a beautiful little girl growing inside me. Alright so, ¬†turns out one of the healing stones for the Heart chakra is a gorgeous gem, Jade. I’m in love. I love the way it sounds, I love what it represents and the meaning behind it, and I love that James loves it. And then I start to love it for reasons I didn’t even know I would, like how its the same initial as James or how it looks when I write it.

Here’s a short summary on the symbolism of Jade gemstones: healing, wisdom, balance, peace, and protection.

So we’ve decided on Jade, and I have the most perfect middle name, Cecilia, after my grandma who also had this for a middle name. A kind, fierce, magical woman who I hold dear to my heart and miss every day.

What’s in a name? For me, this name is incredibly sentimental.¬†jadebanner