Saucha, a Niyama

Saucha. Something I’ve been spending a lot of my focus on lately. If this word is new to you, let me explain. There are eight limbs of yoga and they all connect to help guide a yogi (or yogini) along their path. The second limb, the Niyamas, along with the Yamas, are a set of tools designed to enhance the yoga experience.

Saucha is Niyama that refers to purity, ordiliness, clarity, and organization.

Since I’m spending a lot of time at my desk these days, I thought I would spruce up the place. I wanted a space that was inspiring to my work. A clean and colorful workspace all my own. So that’s exactly what I did.


My yoga mats are closeby to remind me to take a break should I become overwhelmed. And Marc, my elephant deskmate gives me company.


My hopes and dreams are displayed openly to motivate me to always give my best.  On Sunday, I write out a list of priorities for the week and post it above my desk. My mental space fills a lot less cluttered and a result, I feel lighter.



And basically everything else is meant to make this space as enjoyable as possibly. So I added splashes of color everywhere, fresh flowers and plants and all the office supplies tucked away in my six-drawer filing chest.






Namaste ❤

4 Awesome Juicing Tips


So, you’re reading this because you’re a loyal follower (thank you!), you’ve juiced at home before or you’re new to juicing. Whatever your reason, you’ll enjoy at least one of these awesome tips to enhance your home juicing experience.


  1. Gather your ingredients and prep! Peel oranges, slice fruits or veggies into chunks, etc. It’s important to note what cannot be juiced: bananas, citrus fruit rinds, avocados and figs.


2. Alternate the order of your ingredients. If you’re running a bunch of leafy greens at once, your juicer might get jammed. I suggest starting out first with apples, oranges, or root vegetables. Then, run a few leafs through and clear out the pores of your strainer with more apple, ginger, turmeric, anything not “leafy.” Repeat.



3. Check to see if the pulp is still juicy! If it’s damp, there’s juice in there! Run the pulp through one or two more times and you’ll be surprised how much you were about to throw away.


4. Guess what? That pulp is STILL useful. You have a couple of options once you’ve extracted all the delicious juice. You can choose to use the pulp to make veggie burgers or you can give it back to Mother Earth as compost.


You’re basically a pro now, so go out there and be creative!