Turkey burger – Protein Style

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of people giving “resolutioners” a hard time. New year new you, right?

Sure, why not? I mean…YES. The way I see it, what ever gives someone that little nudge in the right direction. You wanna ring in the new year by working out more? Do your thang. Whether you want to eat more vegetables, drink more water, or cut back on booze, I support you. What I do not support is going “carb free.” You need carbs. It’s just a a way of life. I know they’re delicious, dammit! I know.

But you have options.

You can decrease carbs, though.

Repeat, you can decrease, but not delete!

So let’s get to the fun picture portion.


A super vibrant, fresh, organic tomato can really take a sandwich or a salad to the next level.


Be sure to fashion your lettuce leaves into “bun” sizes 😉


Man, that was hard work. I deserve a snack.


I fast forwarded a bit because I was so hungry. How awesome does that look?


Hand formed patties with ton of aromatic thyme. Avocado on deck. Onion breath.



Couscous…..Because carbs ❤



2016 Mantras

Today is December 31, 2015

Another year has come to an end. For some reason, I always get sad for a few moments about the year coming to an end. Then, I am excited and hopeful for what awaits in the New Year.

Beginning, Middle, End, Pause.


Happy New Year 2016 replace 2015 concept on the sea beach

Happy New Year 2016 replace 2015 concept on the sea beach

  • I will take better care of myself without feeling guilty. I will be my priority.
  • I will slow down and savor.
  • I will do more things that scare me, because so far those have been the things to make me grow the most.
  • I will share my gifts.
  • I will be the most me that I could be.