Blame It On My Pisces Heart

Does it ever seem that some people don’t endure hardship, struggles, or setbacks? That these people are flowing through life and progressing smoothly? It could be true, and it could also be true that they simply don’t share these experiences. That seems the more likely scenario.

Meanwhile, here I am. Here I am feeling constantly challenged. And I share it.


And it can’t just be a small feeling. I feel everything so deeply. It is beautiful at times. For instance, a butterfly will catch my eye, and I will be in awe of its grace. My heart absorbs the warmth of a sunset. My body is charged after taking in a full moon. I love that I am able to take in these moments, stay in them, appreciate them, then let them go. Conversely, I feel as equally the “bad” times. The only difference is how I feel, sad, happy, etc.

You can blame it on my Pisces heart; it’s who I am. You can call me weak or sensitive (like it’s a bad thing). I wouldn’t even argue with you. I’d agree with you. I can be weak because I know how strong I am. Whenever I doubt it, I have people who lift me up.

I am not alone in this. I know a few souls whose hearts and minds align with mine. I’ve gotten high from our vibrations.

I have people in my life who can muster up strength by simply taking in a view of the ocean, just as I do.

Anyway, what’s the point of all this?

My point is that on a fundamental level, humans strive for this. The human race was designed to coexist. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost track of this. We have forgotten what it’s like to exist as a community, not only with other humans, but animals and the planet and our resources. Symbiosis is the interaction of two different species living closely together where both species thrive on one another. One species does not necessarily have an advantage over the other in terms of surviving. I think that’s pretty damn beautiful.

So, I challenge you to connect with your fellow human. Share things you don’t normally share because you’re afraid of being judged. Being vulnerable is one of the best ways to connect with people.Create a community that is welcoming. Instead of focusing on all the reasons why we’re so different from each other, recognize how much commonality you have with someone. I hope it surprises the pants off you. Do it. I DARE YOU.

Let me know what happens.