Are You Worth It?



Hey there! Thanks for tuning in 😉

I’m so excited to share my latest realizations with you all. I think you’re gonna like this one or at the very least, you’ll form some sort of opinion about it and that’s a homerun in my book.

So, let’s start the conversation, shall we?


Body positivity. Where do you stand on the self-love spectrum? I’m asking because this is something we ALL struggle with. Even the most confident woman has bouts of insecurity or inadequacy. And you know what? I think that’s pretty normal. I mean, if you’re pretty comfortable in your identity most of the time, I think that’s success.

*newsflash* body positivity is not being 100% happy with yourself 100% of the time. In fact, that’s a tall order! Rather, I think true body positivity is knowing who you are, accepting that and actually still liking yourself for it. In reality, good self-esteem is liking yourself most of the time. I’ll tell why you in just one word: HORMONES. Yeah, they’re a bitch sometimes. They’re the reason you feeling Beyonce level fly one day and then like 2007 Britney the next. You feel me?

But, let’s give hormones a break because they actually are responsible for some pretty awesome stuff too. So, even though I get the occasional breakout around my period, I try not to sweat it.

Back to my point. If you look at yourself in the mirror (like so many of us do on the daily) and genuinely like and smile back at yourself most of the time, then you my friend are guilty of self-love. Congratulations!


Now go on and show yourself some love. Get your nails done, treat yourself to that piricier bottle of wine, hit the gym, or take a class at that super fancy yoga studio you’ve been dying to visit.

You deserve it.