So, I’m struggling right now with the feeling that I don’t really fit in or belong. I’ve thought maybe I was just having a bad day. That was 2 weeks ago. Now, I think it’s reality. It’s a pretty intense kind of loneliness.

Lately, it’s as if my existence is merely tolerated. When I try to have conversations with my loved ones, especially about things I’m passionate about and that mean a lot to me, it’s like they just hear my voice and aren’t really listening. Like, they only acknowledge that I said something and not what I actually said. It has made me feel incredibly unimportant. I just don’t feel like I belong or that I matter or that I’m emotionally supported.

I suppose there something wrong with me. Maybe I’ve just changed and grown into someone they don’t recognize and I’m not worth getting to know again. Or could it be I’m not cool 😯 lol

I’m not trying to be melodramatic; it’s just how I feel.


I wonder where that is.