How to Make a Comeback

If you haven’t heard, then let me tell you. People love a comeback. They like to see that even your toughest moments can’t keep you down. You may have fallen, but you’ll rise up. Even if you have to continue exuding that strength over and over again. You know what? I like that shit. I like knowing I have a choice. So do you. Choose wisely.


If you’re currently looking to make a comeback, consider these 6 recommendations.

  1. It’s okay to take baby steps, at first. Maybe you used to run 5K’s in your free time by yourself just for fun and now you struggle with one mile, it’s ok. Try not to focus on how far you’ve fallen. Instead, remind yourself that you’re back at it anyway. You’ll get there. Keep going.

2. Recognize what held you back. Was it your excuses? Was it life? Whatever it may be, isolate the incident. This way you can either prevent it from happening again or design an exit strategy.

3. Have a plan. Because if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Incorporate some structure. Perhaps your schedule is random, that’s ok. Plan out the days you are sure of and make time to workout or meal prep. Maybe you have a fixed schedule, even better. Carve out blocks of time and make it a habit by going to the gym at the same time every day.

4. Be prepared. So, now you have yourself a fancy plan to put into motion. The next step is to make sure you’re ready to carry out said plan. A mega awesome tip is to keep your gym bag packed at all times with fresh clothes, water, and the ever important headphones! Another key point in staying prepared is to make sure you have nutritious meals ready to heat up. I can testify that one of the moments I’m tempted to eat junk the most is when I’m beyond hungry and can’t imagine waiting 30 minutes while my food cooks. Its the worst! Avoid this temptation by meal prepping ahead of time, but don’t stop there. Have prepacked snacks on hand as well!

5. Do it for the right reasons. Slimming down for a bikini or to relieve yourself of health issues? When your intention is true and the reason is meaningful, you’ll be more likely to stick to your goals. Bikini season passes, but good health never goes out of style.

6. Keep going.



Featured Fit Girl

Hello all you gorgeous people!

As you can tell by the title of this post, we have another hard-working gal inducted into the Featured Fit a Girl records. This kind of post is always my favorite to write because it means so much to me. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than giving back and I am thrilled to do so for this special young woman.

Please meet the beautiful, determined, kind-hearted, ass-kicking new Featured Fit Girl, Nickoll!image

I have followed Nickoll’s journey on Instagram and have fallen in love with her fierce determination and will. Nickoll is a shining example of what happens when you refuse to give up. Her journey truly has been inspiring to watch. And if you don’t wanna take my word for it, well then, just check out these before and afters!




This is what Nickoll has had to say about her journey thus far:

  • What’s your name? Nickoll Torres
  • How old are you? 24
  • How did you hear about FitGirlLifestyle? “An amazing friend who started the company who has always been so supportive and one incredible inspiration!”
  • What is your favorite exercise and why? “ I love Lifting ! Especially Shoulders & triceps! Because arms and shoulders have always been one of my biggest problem areas.”
  • What motivates you? “What motivates me is knowing how many odds I’ve beat . A lot of people thought I was going to have diabetes , I would never truly commit to this . I’ve worked so hard &I love when someone tells me I can’t ! Because I’m goin to kill it that much harder ! #TeamUnstoppable”
  • What’s your favorite health food?  “I love anything organic ! The different variations of food for someone who can’t have a lot of sugar or high in fats is amazing!”
  • Any advice/comments that you want to share with anyone pursuing fitness goals? “It May be hard right now ! But trust me when I say ! It will only get better ! Push yourself & prove to Yourself that You are Worth it ! There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish Once you set your mind to i! It takes one step! Believe in yourself ! Cuz you are worth it !”

Congratulations Nickoll, you have earned everything you’ve worked so hard on. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors ❤




UPDATE (4/6/15) –> 130 POUNDS DOWN