Love Over Fear

“Move past your fears. If it scares you, do it!”

Alright, Rachel Brathen is calling me out.

What exactly is she calling me out on? Well, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before. This has to be my most genius idea yet. So, why have I not considered it seriously until now? I have a theory. In light of Yoga girl’s book, I believe my mind was probably blocking out the idea because the mere thought of it is just so terrifying! Here goes.

I want to be a Registered Yoga Teacher.

I wanna go to Yogi school! 200 hours of yogi school to be exact.



Let me give you a bit of a background as how this decision was made, or rather presented to me.

A few nights ago I was finishing up my practice with meditation. I was asking myself what it was I want out of life at the moment. I realized that what I want is to be surrounded with like-minded people who are on a similar journey to mine. I believe we are all on our beautiful and unique journeys in life, we all take a different path, but we are all connected.

I want to be a human who helps people make those connections, both with others and with our self. So, with genuine intention, I simply asked the universe and let it go.


Initially, I was looking into going back to the yoga studio that I visited nearly everyday. It seemed like a great option, but for some reason I haven’t made it yet. Instead, I’ve continued to practice at home. As it turns out, putting that off has led me to an epic option. One of my lab partners just flat out said it, “you should be a yoga teacher.”

Why didn’t I think of that?

Immediately after, I browsed the yoga studio’s website one more time. I clicked on the teacher training info tab, read it over, and now here I am asking for your help.

As the universe would have it, the studio is currently offering 3 teacher trainings in 2015. Only one of the teacher trainings are in California…..and it’s in San Diego!

This is meant to happen.

I urge you to consider supporting me in this very exciting time of my life.

My goal is to raise $2,300 by August 15th. Of course, I am investing in myself, so I’ll be contributing $300 toward my goal. Upon becoming a RYT, I will be certified under Yoga Alliance. This will allow me to use my certification to teach Vinyasa-style yoga at any studio, since it’s nationally recognized. In a way, this is like a small-business. It can travel with me, support me, and help me help make the world a more peaceful place.

Please, invest in a small business and my my yoga dreams come true!

Any donation, great and small, will help me. If you’re interested, please click on the link below.

Click here to donate!

Thank you thank you thank you.


Why Yoga Rocks

Good evening fellow humans.

I’m here to talk about a mega important and influential movement; yoga.

I want to share all the wonderful reasons why yoga rocks.

  1. Stress-relief. Talk about some major relaxation! It is my belief that when you’re stressed, it’s not just in your head. That stress transcends into stiff muscles and rigidness. I don’t know about you, but that’s just so not okay! A little stretching throughout the day definitely can make a subtle, positive impact.
  2. Flexibility. This goes for both on and off the mat. While being exceptionally limber is always a bonus, I find that I am also flexible in my way of thinking. When I’m in a difficult posture, I do my best to maintain a few breaths before settling out. This practice has allowed me to be more patient in difficult situations. Moreover, I have learned that difficult times pass just as the posture does and that gives me peace of mind. Not only that, but I now possess the ability to remain calm, so long as I remember to BREATHE!
  3. A hot bod. Now, pay attention. I’m not saying practicing yoga is going to make you ripped; however, it will make you so much more appreciative of your body. In turn, this appreciation develops into taking care of your body better. Making more mindful choices can no doubt help you to shed excess weight. So there’s that, and the fact that the physical practice of yoga is a great workout!

These are just a few of my favorite reasons to practice yoga. The list really goes on and on, but I’ll leave it up to you to discover the rest 🙂

I hope you can see how much practicing yoga means to me.


Life is Happening

I’m finally back in Cali and almost back to Pacific Time. I just spent a week in Florida for spring break! In fact, this time last week I think I was getting ready to jump off of a roof of a bar and into the warm Atlantic Ocean. I pretty much never do crazy things like that, but I did it. I did it because life is happening. Every second and every hour that passes, even if it seems boring, it’s happening.


Last Monday was probably the most eventful Monday that I’ve had in a long time. It should have been illegal..well..may some some of it was? Anyway, I arrived in the sunshine state around 6 am, picked up my rental car, drove down to Key Largo to stay with a friend, changed into my bathing suit and everything was non-stop from there. I fed tarpon, shopped, sipped margaritas, went SUPing, headed back to the boat to hit up happy hour, indulged in shots and more drinks, jumped off the boat, managed a large bruise, went for tacos, back to happy hour where I jumped off the roof, and that was just day one.

image1 (1)

Day two was St. Patrick’s Day in Key West! Just imagine how awesome that was. Old and practically naked men, so many drinks, laughs, and memories.

I won’t go into every detail of every day, but I’ll just post a few pictures so you can get an idea of what my trip was like 🙂



image1 (2)


image2 (1)


image (1)

image (2)


And I think that should pretty much sum things up. There were so many moments that went un-captured in a photo, but I’ll always remember.

Until my next adventure!


Take Notice

My lovely readers, how are you? Awesome I hope!

Me? Well, my legs are currently pulsating and super sore and just so tired. I tried to kick Monday’s ass for a change. I think I did. That’s the only way I can describe how exhausted my body feels. Ok, I suppose the time change is contributing a bit.

Anyway, I was meditating and happened upon some thoughts I want to share with you.

I was thinking of how I’ve been feeling lately. As you may know, my sweet, loving, amazing grandmother passed away last year and I have not been the same since. I mentioned how before it happened I felt that I was at my prime, health and fitness wise. I’ve been grieving ever since last June. As a result, I crashed. The immense pain in my heart knocked me to my knees and my health suffered. I haven’t seen a doctor to confirm, but I can sense it. Not only that, but I can see it too. I didn’t know pain could do that to somebody. I can safely assume that I’ve gained 5-10 pounds. My curves struggle to fit into any jeans I own, which are all sized 4-6. I’m not saying that being bigger than that is fat, not at all. But me not fitting into my clothes sure makes me feel like it. AND ITS STUPID! Really lol, it is.

After admitting that I have indeed put on some weight, I thought of all the ways how my body still brings me happiness.

I took notice of all the beautiful things I can still do. I can still run 3+ miles with ease, if only I could just bring myself to do it more often. I still feel depressed a few times a week :/ I can still see some of my muscles. I can still get into yoga postures. My body can still do all these great things, but I was focusing on the “negative,” which was barely fitting into some jeans. I told you it was stupid. It is. So what. They’re just jeans with a stupid number. Some Seven Jeans aren’t going to define how beautiful I feel, so why was I letting it? I can’t tell you for sure, but I can tell you I’ve changed my perspective. I’m taking back the reigns and am learning to live with the pain deep inside my heart. It’s imperative that I take care of my body.

Take notice ladies! If you weigh 150, 200 or 300 pounds, then fine. What can that magnificent body of yours do? How does it move? How do you love? How do you appreciate every glorious inch of yourself?

Take notice.

You are smart.

You are fierce.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

You are worthy.

Yes, you are.