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In my previous post, I mentioned how I haven’t really settled into a routine, nor do I plan to. Not reeeally. When it comes to staying on top of my health, I’ll always have some kind of routine. Currently, I’m using several apps to do just that. The apps I’ve chosen fit seamlessly into my new carefree lifestyle and they are:

  1. MyFitnessPal – this is a classic! MFP has seriously never been easier to use. You can even scan the barcode on an item to add it to your diary. They even have a section where you can add an entire recipe and it will calculate the calories and nutrients for you. Love love love.
  2. MapMyRun – runners rejoice! This app tracks route, time, distance and will even tell you if you hit a PR. Not to mention, you can find and add friends and rate your run. It’s awesome.

(Feel free to add me on both!)

MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun are what work for me right now. Notice how apps have changed the game? We live in a digital world, ladies. Technology offers us endless options for every lifestyle and workout preference. There are apps that help with weightlifting, or yoga apps that give you a daily sequence, and other running apps that guide you into training for an event. I dig that. You know what else I dig? The sense of empowerment I feel by taking control of my health, so I can take care of my body the way it deserves. And when my lifestyle evolves, I know I’ll be able to find a new app that will blend quite nicely into my life. I’m rather fond of apps, actually.

Recently, I learned about Oscar, a health insurance company based in New Jersey and the Big Apple, who is assisting their customers with the help of technology. They’re even using a mobile app! More importantly, they’re empowering people by awarding them the opportunity to monitor their own health. I’m all the way over here in gorgeous San Diego, so I’m not privy to their services, but I can appreciate what they’re doing. It’s basically what I’m trying to do; make an impact on individuals’ health. I just happen to use a blog to do it while they use other methods such as providing Misfit bands and mobile apps. I don’t know about you, but the only way my doctors have used technology to help me with my health was to set up or cancel appointments and check recent lab results, so I think it’s pretty cool.  If you’re a resident of NY or NJ, then I think this is something definitely worth checking into. In the meantime, MetLife/TriCare, can you please get in on this too so I can have this same option?

Anyway, back to my point. This is 2015 and if you’re looking for a way to achieve the healthy self you’ve always wanted, consider using technology to help you. Whether it’s an app, or a heart-rate monitor, or an alarm clock, take advantage. Ask your doctors, ask Google, or simply ask the creator of your favorite health and fitness blog 😉


Stay well ❤

What Is Life?



Hey there friends,

Have you settled into 2015 yet? I think I’m finally getting around to it. It only took me a couple of months. That’s the beauty of life; it’s constantly changing. Do we fall in line with routine or let the mystery of each day surprise us? That’s been my latest struggle. Sometimes, routine can be healthy. Routine gives us the opportunity to achieve goals easily. On the other hand, spontaneity gives us the opportunity to discover something new, something exciting. There is a time and a place for both, but how do you know which course to indulge? One of my most favorite tips is “everything in moderation,” and I think it is appropriately applicable in this discussion.

I’ve been spending some significant time all by my lonesome. At first, I was of course bored and most of all very lonely, BUT then I meditated and realized that this is such a blessing. I wholeheartedly feel like I’m at a major turning point in my life. I sat here in my cozy condo in San Diego and tried to wrap my brain around that I will have lived on this beautiful, chaotic, blue and green and magnificent earth for a quarter of a century. No….yes. Yes yes indeed. In a week’s short time I will be twenty five. I thought, “what have I accomplished? What lies ahead of me? What is life?” LOL, okay, not that last one, but I couldn’t resist. I’m a funny little 5’4″ piece of awesome, in case you didn’t know. Seriously, I was stuck on these questions. I realized all I want to do for the rest of my life is to perpetuate and spread LOVE. I want to write, to paint, to laugh, to run, to practice yoga, to travel, to have the most amazing time while I’m still here. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Naturally, I write to you as I sit here listening to reggae, drinking this deliciously cheap red wine blend, and no I have not worked out today, but I feel alive. This beautiful year of 2015 holds so much for me. I feel it with every cell in my body.

As I asked earlier, how do we know which course to take; routine or the unknown? In this time of my life, I believe the best option for me is the unknown. With that said, I just want you to know that things are going to get even more mind-blowing.

I hope you’ll join me as I transition into the next chapter of Alicia. I don’t know why you wouldn’t. If you’re down with good vibes, laughs, and the occasional emotional post, then this is the shit for you.

Also, if you’re ever in San Diego, I hope you’ll hit me up. I’m always down for an adventure, especially if it means my abs will be sore form laughing so hard.

Let’s all raise our wine glasses! Cheers!


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