2015 Mantras

Welcome the beautiful new year that is 2015!


I have a good feeling about this year. 2014 was full of so much heartache that I’m happy to let it go. I got through it and made it out alive. So, to ring in the new year I’ve devised a list of mantras, words to live by. I think resolutions are clichè so let’s just not call this list that lol. And I guess theyre not really resolutions because I already do some of these, but I plan on continuing them 🙂

  1. Be the best and truest version of myself.
  2. Embrace change and life’s endless possibilities.
  3. Find the silver lining in a difficult situation.
  4. Nourish my soul.
  5. Simplify!
  6. grow.

And thats all!


i wish you all a super happy and fulfilling year ahead!

namaste ❤