Happy, Healthy Heart Contest

So, it’s been a while since I’ve put together a calendar of fitness goals. October is a great month to follow such a calendar because Halloween is the first of the holidays that can challenge our will-power. I mean, after Halloween there’s Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Not to mention all those pumpkin pastry recipes on Pinterest that you have to master before said holidays.

The bottom line, it’s officially October, so let’s settle into a groove that will set us up for success!

This contest is dubbed Happy, Healthy Heart and that’s exactly what we’re going to strive for. How does one acquire a happy, healthy heart?

  1. By completing 25 days of event, of course.
  2. Aaaaand, this contest requires evidence. Snap a photo and upload it to Instagram, then use #FitGirlHHH and tag me @_FitGirlLifestyle_

We begin Monday, October 6 and come to a close Thursday, Hallow’s Eve (October 30.)

Here is a copy of the calendar! Also, scroll just a little bit further for a brief explanation of the day’s activity.  I know this contest is going to be tons of fun! I can’t wait to get started. Can you?

[Click on image to enlarge]




  • #Day1 – Stretch for 30 minutes. Don’t rush. Spend at least 30 seconds in each stretch. I suggest using a timer so you don’t underestimate how long 30 seconds is.
  • #Day2 – Wake up 45 minutes earlier than you normally do and go for a walk. Enjoy the crisp fall air and unwind.
  • #Day3 – Who do you love? What makes this person/thing so loveable?
  • #Day4 – This should be self-explanatory, but..do something nice for someone you don’t know! Connect. Get the warm fuzzies.
  • #Day5 – Let go of that thing (or person!) that is holding you back, break up with your bad habit. Have the courage to know when it’s not serving you & give it up.
  • #Day6 – Experiment with something. Do something that’s out of your comfort zone or that you normally don’t do.
  • #Day7 – After you’ve let go of that bad habit, pick up something positive to focus your energy on.
  • #Day8 – Go out on a hike, relax by the pool, or go to the park. Try to soak up Vitamin D most of the day and see how it lifts your mood.
  • #Day9 – The sweatier the better! Relieve any stress you have. Earn your shower.
  • #Day10 – I’ll post some low-fat meal ideas to the facebook page, however, I encourage you to research as well.
  • #Day11 – Stretch longer this time. Aim for 40 minutes. Experiment with different stretches. Remember, breathe.
  • #Day12 – What are you thankful for?
  • #Day13 – H.I.I.T. it’s everybody’s favorite training technique. Give it all you got!
  • #Day14 – Yep. Again. A tad bit longer at 45 minutes. You got this.
  • #Day15 – Time for those warm fuzzies once again.
  • #Day16 – Fearless and fierce! Show me how big your brave is.
  • #Day17 – Squeeze in a little more today. Be as productive as you can. Why put off to tomorrow what can be done today?
  • #Day18 – Clear it out. Your closet, your kitchen, your car, etc. Make room for the new.
  • #Day19 – Run faster. Love better. Lift heavier and feel stronger.
  • #Day20 – Stretch for 50 minutes!
  • #Day21 – Can you make that recipe healthier by adding and sucstituting? Have a new twist on an old tradition? How do you blend old and new?
  • #Day22 – Prepare for the week ahead. Keep your healthy lifestyle on track.
  • #Day23 – Tell a joke! Seriously, I like jokes. Tell me one 😉
  • #Day24 – What was your favorite part about this challenge? Did you learn anything?
  • #Day25 – End on an endorphin high! Run, jog, speed-walk, get moving!

My hope is by the time you finish this, your heart will be healthy and happy. Be as creative as you can! One inspiring individual will win a magnificent prize. You’re seriously going to want to win this. Good luck!