August 24, 2014

Yesterday was a day that I know I’ll look back on and smile for quite some time. Not only did everything seem to fall into place, but I had the pleasure of taking a yoga class guided by none other than Rachel Brathen aka yoga_girl (instagram)

Here is how the day unfolded:

  • I put on my awesome new yoga outfit photo (53)
  • I enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast of fresh strawberries, french toast and eggs outdoors right next to a fountain.
  • The drive was shorter than I expected with little to no traffic, which I thought was odd because LA usually is packed!
  • I arrived early, so I took a short drive around the city and when I came back I found the perfect free parking spot directly across the street of the venue. I parked, walked across the street and took my place near the front of the line 🙂
  • I waited in line for roughly 2 hours, but I made the most of it and  stretched and meditated and soaked in the energy around me.
  • When we were finally able to start entering, the guy scanned my ticket and for a brief moment it said my ticket wasn’t valid! I had a mini panic attack, but he scanned it again and I set my mat up in the second row near the stage!
  • There were so many vendors selling clothes, jewelry and yoga necessities and not to mention they had a bar?! what?! Yep, mimosas and beer and mixed drinks, oh my! I didn’t indulge, but I thought it was cool.
  • 30 minutes pass and finally Rachel comes out and introduces herself. She gives a short background about herself and chats us up for about 15 minutes. It was nice.
  • Then, we got right into the yoga! As Rachel put it, “get this party started!” We did. We definitely partied in the best way that yogis can party. The practice was fun and challenging. She made us work, but I’m glad she did. She talked us through everything and even got my mind thinking. I discovered a lot about myself and my body. We ended with a very long savasana. It was unexpected, but much welcomed.
  • After the yoga, Rachel answered several questions and I actually got to sit on stage with her. Can you see me?photo (52)


  • Once the Q&A portion was over, we gathered in a circle around her for hugs and a short talk 1-on-1. It was everything.
  • rachelandme
  • I was sad to leave, but I had to. I got home around 8 or 9 and my amazing husband cooked me a hot meal to end my entire day on a happy note. This is what he made me.dinner
  • It was certainly one of the best days I’ve had in a while.

Thanks for tuning in! Chat with you all next time!






Is It You?

Hey gorgeous gals!

So, the the big question is, “is it you?” it someone you know?

Who is going to be the next Featured Fit Girl?

If I were you, I wouldn’t pass on this. It’s worth it. You’re worth it!

Here’s how to qualify!

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  • Post swolefies, meal preps, anything you feel is important regarding fitness. Tag me in these photos and if on Instagram, use #FitGirlLifestyle
  • Show me you’re dedicated. I take my time when selecting a FFG because I want to see if you’re sticking with it!

If you are able to keep up with those fitness goals, then you could win this giveaway! In this package there will be gym bag essentials, cute gym clothes, healthy snacks, and various miscellaneous items!

Come on ladies! Let’s get fit!





Things I’m Loving

Hola chicas!


I figured it was time for an update and I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to let you get to know me better. I am going to share some of my current favorites!

I hope this list helps you relate to me and possibly pique your interest. Either way, I invite you give these things a try 🙂

90 Degree by Reflex yoga pants. They. are. seriously. awesome. And not too mention they come in fun patterns and colors. Unbelievably comfortable and super stylish? Say no more. Okay, wait, but how much? I get mine at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx for $17. Now, say no more. Have a look.

picstitch (3)

Organic Dark Roast Coffee. Any brand really, but Muddy Waters Coffee Company and Sprouts brand are exceptional. Ever since our mini spring break vacation to Humboldt earlier this year I’ve been hooked!

Sunsets. There is something so whimsical about swirling shades of blue, pink, orange, and sometimes even purple. It’s not called magic hour for nothing! Not every sunset is going to take your breath away, but the fact that it can speaks volumes. At least for me anyway. I have a perfect view from my balcony to watch as many as my heart desires. I’ve also set up lights out there, so it’s my little corner of paradise. A glass of red wine and I am so set.



Headstands. Really. I just wanna do them everywhere. All the time. Generally, I just like stretching. Especially at the beach because it just feels so right. I know have two beach rules: 1. Get wet. 2. Stretch and do a headstand.


If you use or do or love any of these, then please share! If you are curious about anything, then share that too 😉


Until next time!