The New Featured Fit Girl!

It is finally time to introduce to you the newest addition to the Featured Fit Girl Fam!

Before we get right into it, I have to share with you why this giveaway brought tears to my eyes. My last Featured Fit Girl reached out to me wanting to know if she could donate some items to the new girl. Let me share with you exactly what she said, “Heyy girl! Hope everything is going well! I just wanted to let you know when you choose your next fit girl I would love to send some goodies for you to add if you don’t mind. It was really a confidence booster for me and it gave me so much more motivation to keep going in my fitness journey. I would love to help you help somebody else feel like that.”

Like, seriously, I was so speechless…

For the first time I was thinking, wow..this is really happening. All I ever wanted out of starting up FitGirlLifestyle was to create a community where girls could go and feel comfortable in their skin, help one another, gather information, make friends, and encourage each other to get fit. What a beautiful thing it would be if her gesture also turned into a pay-it-forward chain reaction. The community would grow and all because we realized that we are in this together. A girl can dream!

So, let’s meet the new gal, shall we?

This girl has proved that working full-time, even over-time, and juggling a social calendar, that anybody else would need a coordinator to keep up with, still can make room for that fit lifestyle. Yes, she is a hard-working manager and social butterfly and now she is the new Featured Fit Girl! Give a hand for Miss Tasia Green!



So, how did she earn this title? More importantly, how did she achieve that overflowing-with-confidence smile in a skin tight dress? She meal-planned, she hit the gym, sometimes two sessions in a day, she asked for help, and she stuck with it. Also, she made sure I was aware of all this by posting it and often she inspired others.

Here is what Tasia had to say about her journey thus far:

  1. What is your favorite exercise and why? My favorite exercise is any type of resistance training! I love using dumbells or any type of weight resistance because it helps with toning up and helps you burn more calories on rest days!!

  2. What motivates you? What motivates me are the dreams i have to travel the world and go on as many different adventures as i can, while having the health to be able to do so!!

  3. What’s your favorite health food? My favorite health food is avocado! You can do so many different things with it or just eat it alone and its so delicious!!

4. Any advice/comments that you want to share with anyone pursuing fitness goals? Get into a groove that works for you! For me going to group fitness classes helped me get and stay motivated while also teaching me proper form and technique. It was also a great baseline to creating my own workouts when i couldn’t make it to a class!



Her progress speaks for itself! I’m so proud of her. I’m proud of all my girls out there doing their best to get fit. You girls are awesome!

For the girls trying to earn the next giveaway and feature, don’t stop! I notice your progress and see you working hard. Don’t give up. The next girl could be you. Or maybe you know of someone who you think deserves this, let me know! Introduce them to the blog or Facebook page and help me help them 🙂


Until next time ladies!

Stay fit!