How Bad Do You Want It?

This time of year everybody is trying to be the on their best behavior and once the summer months are gone, so are the good health and fitness habits.

But what if you didn’t stop?

Alicia iPhone pix 012

What if you kept going?

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What if you decided to go for it?

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What if you could feel more comfortable having your picture taken and not just of your face? Stop hiding behind oversized clothes? Have a real smile?

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What if you chose to stop accepting the way things are just because that’s the way they’ve always been?

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What if you decided enough was enough?

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What if I told you your genetics don’t have to define you?

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What if you could be someone’s role model?


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What’s it gonna take? What if I told you that you have everything it takes to change your life, but it would take everything you have?

I will never say that it was easy. Truthfully, I’ve never done anything this hard. With that being said though, I’d still do it all over again, if not sooner.

photo 2

So WHAT if you lose your boobs. People used to call me fat and now they say I’ve lost my womanly curves. People will always have something to say, so don’t let that stop you.


There is NO faking a smile this big.


I lift.

photo (98)

I run.

photo (46)

I bend.


I nourish my body.


But I have treats too 😉


I am FitGirlLifestyle

So, if you want to be a Fit Girl too, you gotta be ready to work.


To Buy or Not to Buy

So, you’re interested in buying organic food because you want to live a life free of chemicals and added hormones or maybe for some other reason. However, price is dictating your decision. I know the feeling, believe me I do. That is why I’m here to help you!

The golden rule for buying organic is to buy what’s in season. While I definitely recommend doing some research on what fruits and vegetables are in season, it isn’t totally necessary. Generally, the organic fruits and veggies that are on sale are in season. There is much to harvest and thus the price to reduced.

  • *TIP: Stock up when this happens! If you have the space in your freezer, then utilize it! You can portion out servings and seal them in freezer friendly bags.
  • Speaking of, look in the frozen section for frozen organic foods!

Another great way to save money on organic goods is to do a quick google search on the clean 15 and the dirty dozen for this year. 



It sucks when you live in a world where you have to search online about what foods are safe to eat. It really really really sucks, BUT it’s our reality. The best way to change that is to go all in. If this is your route, you can still save some money. I suggest buying all organic, but only buying small amounts at a time. Whatever you’ll need for a week. This way, your food is less likely to go bad before you get to enjoy it. Have you noticed that organic food spoils faster than GMO food? that’s because it’s not pumped full of preservative chemicals. Buy what you need and you’ll see the savings. Plus, if you’re trying to lose weight, this can also make sure you don’t over eat. If you only have enough for a few days or a week, then I bet you won’t be as tempted to indulge. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my thought process lol.

Don’t forget to make a list!



That’s all for now folks. Enjoy your weekend! Visit your local farm for inspiration 😉

April Goals!

A new month means new opportunities and I plan to make the most of them.

My husband and I just got back from our Spring Break vacation in gorgeous Humboldt County. Our trip left me feeling inspired. I gained a refreshed sense of what I want my life to be like. Not only that, but it also enforced the attitude I’m trying to adopt.

This month, I’m going to continue working towards both of those goals and I’m going to do it by incorporating some specific stepping stone goals.


Goal #1 Make time for things that rejuvenate me. I can’t excel and perform at my best if I don’t replenish what I use. I exhaust my resources every day and often I feel stressed despite going to the gym. I realize what I need now. Painting, writing, crafting, etc. I’m thinking a small project that I can add to little by little.


Goal #2 – Compliment myself everyday. Build impenetrable self-esteem and confidence. This is for when I’m so hard on myself I forget how awesome I really am.


Goal #3 Stretch/yoga every morning and every night. Sore muscles are nice, but don’t forget to show them love and work out the kinks 😉


Goal #4 – Take a chance. I just feel like this is going to come in handy. Now I have to apply it to the right moment. Maybe I’ll go crazy and use it more than once. Hellooooo free pass(es) lol

piclab (4)

Goal #5 – Run at least 3 miles a week. My ankle injury has really limited my quality time with my Nikes. I think this is a realistic goal for recovery. I’m going to get my miles back in, I just have to be patient.

Goal #6 – Spoil my body with nutrients! Only the best will do. Eat to nourish and thrive.

Goal #7 – Select the next Featured Fit Girl! I know this one’s your favorite. It’s go time ladies! Show me what ya got!


That’s all for now.

What are your goals for the month? Share them on the facebook page!