Inversions for Beginners!

It’d good for your wrists!

It’s great for blood circulation!

Talk about an ab workout too!

It’s challenging, but a lot of fun!

It’s inversions! You know? Yoga moves!

I’m going to give you some tips to get started, so you can reel in those benefits!

  1. I bet you’re just so excited and can’t wait to begin! That’s the kind of attitude you need! Now, put on some jams! Alright, find a wall with plenty of space on either side in case you fall. Also, make sure there aren’t any obstructions above you, like a painting or a clock. You don’t want to knock it down and injure yourself.
  2. Grab a stool, position yourself between two walls (hallway), or find something that will help you get lift off. If you can though, try to just push with your own strength.
  3. Face the wall.
  4. Place palms firmly into the floor. Spread those fingers to distribute weight evenly. Put your feet on your lift off device. You should resemble a downward dog position here.
  5. Take a deep breath and push yourself upside down until your back or butt is against the wall. Don’t be scared! Try again if you didn’t get it the first time. You can do it. You’re not going to fall! The wall’s got your back. (Hehe)
  6. Once you’re vertical, push through your palms, don’t put too much pressure on your wrists. Be kind to your joints! Stay here for as long as you can. Try different positions with your legs. Move slowly or you’ll fall. The goal is to eventually do these things without the wall.

*Another variation you can try is balancing on your forearms!

Puppy kisses are optional, but welcomed 😉


Meet the Featured Fit Girl!


Hey there gorgeous Fit Girls! I am so excited to announce the newest Featured Fit Girl! This girl has definitely earned the spotlight in this post. She works incredibly hard despite her busy schedule and I am just so happy for her successes. It was very obvious that she was so deserving of this giveaway.

Without further ado, I present to you…


Courtney Thompson, Featured Fit Girl

  • Name: Courtney Thompson
  • Age: 24
  1. How did you hear about FitGirlLifestyle? “My fiance showed me the FitGirlLifestyle’s instagram the end of last year before I started my fitness journey to lose weight. I saw Alicia’s transformation pictures and all I could think about was I wanted those same results. I texted her to find out what he secret was and there was no secret she worked her hard. I then went to her blog and there was so much motivation and it was nice to see how her weight loss journey was going.”
  2. What is your favorite exercise and why? “My favorite exercise is anything to do with legs. Leg day is my absolute favorite. Squats, leg press, leg extension, this is where I really push myself. I love being able to up my weight and see the difference where the weight I started a few months ago and where it is now.”
  3. What motivates you? “I am engaged and I want to look my absolute best for my fiancé on our special day. I don’t want to look back on pictures and say how big I was. Also seeing people’s instagrams, their pictures of their transformation and the meals and workouts they are doing, gives idea and motivation to keep going. Also my own before and after pictures keep me going. When im running on the treadmill or doing cardio and I feel like I cannot go anymore I pull those out and I find my inner strength.” <—
  4. What’s your favorite health food? “My Favorite health food is fruit. I love strawberries, apples, bananas, watermelon. When I have a sweet craving they fulfill it.”
  5. Any advice/comments that you want to share with anyone pursuing fitness goals? “Any advice I can give would be don’t give up. The results you want aren’t going to happen in the first week. It’s all about how bad you want it, that’s how far you will push yourself. Also let your excuses go! Excuses have held me back for years. I started my weight loss journey in the middle of finishing nursing school, working, we were moving, and have I a three year old. It’s all about juggling, and adding that workout into your day. You will feel so much better and working out becomes a top priority because you will feel great. Don’t be afraid of the weight room, I always have been. I was afraid people would look at me like what is she doing in here or she’s not even lifting that much. Doing cardio I see the inches coming off, but in the weight room I see parts of my body becoming toned. Lastly, find a workout partner. My fiancé has been great with holding me accountable, pushing me in the weight room, and making sure I am doing the exercise correctly, not only to get the most out of it, but to also make sure I don’t hurt myself.”

That’s some great advice if I ever read it! Courtney continues to kill it in the gym and she has made some tremendous progress! See for yourself! She is well on her way.courtneytffg2

Her “can do” attitude as well as unrelenting determination made her more than qualified to receive this giveaway. She is such a thankful and positive person. I was more than happy to hook her up with some awesome fit gear.




So, think you have what it takes to be the next Featured Fit Girl? To be eligible, simply do your thang at your fitness game. Also, make sure you’re following the FitGirlLifestyle Facebook page, _FitGirlLifestyle_ on Instagram, and tell at least 3 friends about me and make sure they let me know you sent em! Tag me in any photos you’d like of you prepping meals, working out, or doing anything fitness related. You could be the next Featured Fit Girl and recipient of the giveaway! I am more than happy to reward those individuals who earn it. If I can be the reason why you try a little harder, lift a little heavier, run a little farther or faster, then that makes me happier than you could imagine. If I can motivate you and make some kind of positive impact on your life, then I know I have succeeded in my efforts. That’s what makes it all worthwhile for me.

Good luck to you all!

XOXO, FitGirlLifestyle