Everything You Go Through, Grows You.

The more we work at something, the better we can see our dreams materialize.

It is by no means an easy or speedy process. It is slow and gradual.

Lasting results are meaningful results. The value of it grows the more we can see it taking place.

This is not only especially true in the context of changing your body aesthetically or healthfully, but spiritually and mentally as well.

Too often do we criticize the way we look when we should embrace and celebrate our accomplishments and abilities.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are beautiful and amazing, know that. Take a moment to realize this. Then, do something that makes you feel alive and wonderful, whatever that may be. Exercise is a great start. It allows your body to rid itself of toxins and promote healing. I’m sure you’ve also hard that laughter is the best medicine, and I also believe that to be true. When was the last time you laughed so hard that you felt it in your abs the next day? When was the last time you felt uninhibited and free?

Do something that sets your spirit free.

I have no idea what in the world that could be, but I know that’s what you should do. Perhaps you don’t even know what it could be, but I do know you should find out.

You deserve to be happy.

What makes me happy is making others happy. This is how I choose to impact the world. This is how I want to make the world a better place. If I can give someone else peace in their life, then I have set out what I intended.

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What makes you happy?

Are You a Goal Digger?


Hey lovely Fit Girls! I’m really excited to announce a new project I’ve been working on. One of my goals for the new year was to make this blog official with a new web address. I’m workin on it and that will be happening soon! In the meantime, I have decided to go ahead with another project that I’ve been wanting to get off the ground for a while.

As you may recall, a few posts ago I introduced a new segment on my blog called, “Featured Fit Girl.” Basically, I select an individual to be showcased and share parts of their journey; I’m not the only fit girl out there! These individuals exhibit determination, a positive attitude as well as kicking some ass in the weight loss department. I’m not saying you have to lose a bunch of weight to be eligible, however, I do have to see some kind of results. The results don’t have to necessarily be weight loss on a scale, it could be measurements, going down a pant size. Other ways to catch my attention are meal prepping for an amount of time, not like a week because that can be done in one day, but if I see you posting pictures of you consistently prepping meals, that’s gonna get you noticed. Of course, the only way I can be aware of all your great efforts is if you share it with me! How can I know if I can’t see?

So, why would you possibly want to get involved in this other than being featured on my blog? Well, do you like free stuff? Yeah…free stuff, you read that right. If you are selected as the Featured Fit Girl, then yours truly will hand select fitness-related items in a thoughtful package to be mailed to you. I promise you, you’ll love it! It could be new gear, workout clothes, food items, etc. I will match the items to whatever you’ve been doing.For example, if you’re into yoga and you post pictures or videos of you conquering different poses, I may so be inclined to send you something yoga-related. Make sense?

Soooo…what’s the catch? I’m glad you asked because in return all I ask if but a few small favors!

  1. You must be subscribed to this blog. There is a link over here to the right where you can opt to join the mailing list –>
  2. You must “like” the FitGirlLifestyle FaceBook page.
  3. You must be following me on Instagram: _FitGirlLifestyle_
  4. I must know about your effort. Tag me in a photo on FaceBook or Instagram, post something on the FaceBook page, or send me an email at FitGirlLifestyle@hotmail.com
  5. You must refer me to 3 friends. They can notify by using any of the previously mentioned methods. Oh, and make sure they tell me who you are! If they too would like to be considered for the giveaways, then they must also do the previously mentioned and refer me to an additional 3 people.

Alright, who wants to win some free stuff?!

More importantly, who is going to be the next…