What Bodybuilding Means to Me


Damn right I’m proud of it.

Bodybuilding. The term makes some people happy or uncomfortable, especially when it comes to women. I know a lot of people get images in their head of very bulky women, but that is so unfair. To me, bodybuilding isn’t about trying to have the biggest muscles or ego. To me, bodybuilding simply means building a body. I am building mine the way I want and I use lifting and cardio to achieve my goal because I know that’s the best way for me to succeed.

When I lift heavy weights, it makes me feel strong, so I do it.

When I run as fast as I can or for as long as I can, I feel strong, so I do it.

I do what makes me feel good and I get the results I want. Maybe not always, but most of the time. Like I said before, I’m not trying to weigh a certain weight anymore. Focusing on a number made me feel defeated and like I wasn’t trying when I knew I was. I’m just gonna keep going and continue to use visual results as well as my lifts until I am beyond proud of what I see. Then, I’m gonna work to maintaining that progress.

I know the weight room can seem like a scary place if you’re still new to it or aren’t really sure what exercises to do, but the same can be said for anything new. I guess part of what makes me comfortable to hang out in the “men’s section” of the gym is growing up with my 3 brothers. Not to mention my dad was a stellar athlete  in college as well as a coach and he always taught me that I could hang with the boys, so I never questioned it. I’m not intimidated because I have confidence in my abilities. You gotta do the same. Do the research, learn some basic exercises to familiarize yourself. Then, walk in there with your fresh new gym outfit or whatever puts a little pep in your step and get to work.


That is how I view bodybuilding. I’m building me. I shape me. I don’t carry any stigmas when I say I’m a bodybuilder, and neither should you. I want to look as strong as I feel, you know? So the outside can match what’s on the inside. You could be a bodybuilder and not even know it if you’re also trying to sculpt your body and make a change in your appearance.