Hard Work Pays Off

Hey there Fit Girls! How are you doing?

I’ve been doing okay, but am happy to report that my days have been getting better.  Anyway, a couple weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I had some lab blood work done to check my levels for cholesterol, fasting glucose, vitamins, and triglycerides. I also had my liver and kidney function tested as well as my thyroid, blood count, and electrolytes. Today, I had my body fat percentage calculated, so I have tons of cool information to share with you!

So, if you can remember, I used to have high cholesterol a few years ago. I don’t remember the exact number, but the total score was well over the 200 limit. I took a simvastatin for a couple of months, but stopped about a week before my 21st birthday. My cholesterol went down some, but the number was still close to 200. The reason I stopped taking my medication was because I researched it more and decided that it was something I did not want to put in my body. Not to mention there were some studies that suggested the drug was harmful to women of child-bearing years as it caused infertility. Other side effects included muscle deterioration and liver damage. After I stopped taking the drug I went in for a check up blood test and discovered that my liver indeed had been damaged, though not irreversibly. That was in 2011. It’s 2013 now and as of September 6 my HDL, healthy cholesterol, is an impressive 83 (normal is anything greater than 46) My LDL, “bad” cholesterol, is crazy good at 70 (101-130 is normal and under 100 is optimal) for a total of 153!!!

My triglyceride levels, liver, kidney, and throid function, electrolytes, and complete blood count are all in great standing!

The only issues my blood presented concerned two vitamins: Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. They were both within the normal range, but at the lower end of the spectrum.  My doctor recommended taking supplements, which I just so happened to have started the day before this test was conducted. I am so happy my iron levels are fine! I was a bit worried since I only eat seafood and iron is primarily found in red meat. Nonetheless everything is all gravy baby!

My next bit of good news has to do with my body fat percentage! I got measured in my kinesiology class at school and I am at 18%. According to my book I’m in the “good” category, which is just one level above average lol. Yay victory!

I eat an unprocessed diet and monitor portions. I limit my sweets and sodium. I eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Occasional wild caught seafood. I drink tons of water throughout the day. If my cup is empty, then I need a refill. I lift heavy and do HIIT. Most importantly, I get plenty of sleep. Sleep matters! I do it all because of all the wonderful benefits I have gained. Even if my weight doesn’t budge or my body doesn’t change as quickly as I’d like I can be over the moon happy with my internal progress! It gives me just that much more motivation to continue on and persevere.

I can proudly say I AM HEALTHY AND HAPPY.

Earn your health.

Earn your body.


Anyway, just thought you’d all like to know how I was doing 🙂






That’s all for now. Stay Fit!!


What To Do After A Binge

So, you ate a little more than you should. Maybe for a day or the whole weekend and now you are overwhelmed with guilt. Perhaps even a slight tummy ache.

What do you do now?

First, just take a few minutes to relax. Forgive yourself. It already happened, so stop feeling guilty. You can’t travel back in time and undo what’s been done, that’s the bad news. Breathe. The good news is you can get back on track and move on.

Next, recognize how you felt after you binged. Heck, write it down. Then, the next time you feel as if you are about to loose control, read what you wrote. Remind yourself of what it was like the last time you let your weight loss plans get blinded by a moment of weakness.

Third, know the difference between an earned “free” meal and a binge. I’m learning not to use the word “cheat” because it implies that its negative. If you have work hard and space out your free meals, then there is no reason at all why you should not reward yourself. I like to stick with just one free meal rather than a whole day because I don’t want things to get out of hand. That way I’m less likely to be consumed by guilt. I also like to plan my free meal as best as I can.

Then, drink some water with lemon. Lots of it. If you don’t like lemon water, fine, drink regular water, but keep in mind lemon is a natural detoxifier. It works as an astringent and cleans out your body from the inside out. Drinking a lot of water will flush out your system. As you know, your body gets rids of toxins and waste through frequent trips to the bathroom. That being said, eating fiber is also a great way to ….clean you out. Plan out your meals and focus on fresh fruits and vegetables to get your body back in good standing. You’ll also feel a lot better. Whatever you do, don’t delay. If you binged at breakfast, don’t think the rest of the day has to follow in suit. You set the tone for the day. It’s never too late to get back on track. Just a few great examples of foods that can help you out in this time of crisis:

  • onions
  • fresh garlic
  • citrus
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • avocados
  • walnuts
  • flaxseed
  • berries


Oh so true.



Remember, it’s alright, so long as you correct things asap.

Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Don’t forget why you started.

Do believe in yourself. Go on a walk. And most importantly, say this to yourself: