A Year Ago…

Last year on June 7, 2012, I wrote my very first blog post on this site. I thought it would be great to write an anniversary post while it’s still June, and share just how different things are now from then. Let’s do a little recapping, shall we?

June 2012:

  • I weighed 148 pounds, wore a size 11 jeans, and large top.
  • I had lost 39 pounds.
  • I ran my first 10K race.
  • I lived in Humboldt (McKinleyville, to be exact)
  • I was 22.
  • I mostly did cardio and only lifted weights 1-2 times a week.
  • My calorie intake was 1,430 calories.
  • Meat-eater
  • I was a girlfriend.

June 2013:

  • I now weigh 138.6 pounds, and I’m confident a decent portion of that is muscle because my size 6 jeans are feeling pretty lose around the waist. I also wear a medium top.
  • I have now lost 48.4 pounds, still shy of losing the big 5zer0.
  • I run 10k’s for fun.
  • I live in Orange County (Mission Viejo)
  • I’m 23.
  • I lift heavy and do HIIT occasionally.
  • My calorie intake is 1,490 calories.
  • Pescetarian
  • I’m now a wife 🙂


NorCal tan vs. SoCal tan haha


So much can change in a year. You start to see your body transforming into something your brain could never imagine. You become such a different person inside and out. A year ago, I was still self-conscious about how my body looked, that’s a mental challenge. Today, I’m very comfortable in my skin, which has not been easy to accomplish. I feel more confident being me than I ever have. I look and feel better than I did in high school! I know I’m only 23, but I feel like I’ve grown so much. I know myself better. Do I think I’d feel this way if I hadn’t started my weight loss journey? I can honestly say no.

Completely committing and following through with this lifestyle change is more than skin deep. What a phenomenal concept, right? Losing a little weight and gain confidence, health, perspective, patience, strength, willpower,muscle definition, and so much more.

I truly am in the BEST shape of my life, including when I used to play soccer on 2 different teams full-time. I feel amazing. And what I really really wish for all of you is to feel the same way I feel. That is why I decided to offer this…


Fitness is what I love, so I’m taking this passion to the next level.  I am willing to create customized workout guides and fitness plans to help you reach your fitness goals. I’ll also be offering personal training sessions. Both for a modest fee. If you are interested or want more information, please feel free to email me at FitGirlLifestyle@hotmail.com

Happy First Day of Summer!

Hey there gorgeous Fit Girls!


Are you all as excited as I am for Summer 2013?! It is officially here! Although, I admit the weather lately feels as if Summer has indeed arrived already, right? It’s been so nice out here in Southern OC, I just love it! So, is anyone gonna start this summer with a bang? I’m not sure what I’m going to do today, but I know it will include a killer sweat session, followed by some kind of outdoor activity. My hubby doesn’t have the day off, so we might not end up hitting the beach for some sand and sun, but there is a lake close by I have been dying to check out!

Now, there are a couple of topics I’d like to discuss in this post. 1) weight training(lifting weights) and 2) reevaluating your fitness routine.

So..toning or building muscle?  

Actually a trick question. Toning has actually been debunked as a modern myth, meaning, there is no such thing. The only way to actually see your muscles? Lifting as heavy as you can to torch that fat and reveal your beautiful muscles. When you lift weights, your heart rate doesn’t increase to the point where you’re in the aerobic or fitness zone. Yes, it is very challenging to lift heavy, but amazingly enough, your heart rate stays in the fat burning zone. Have you ever heard that walking burns more fat than running? That is because it targets the fat, calling on your fat stores to give your body energy, just like lifting weights. Running and other intense cardio exercises simply burn calories faster. Okay okay, and intense cardio also gives you a serious endorphin high! 😉


However, consider the picture above. When your body is comprised of more muscle than fat, you will continuously burn more calories throughout the day doing everyday tasks and not to mention while you’re sleeping! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “muscle burns more calories than fat.” That is what all those fitness gurus are talking about, your body composition.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to talk you out of getting in a good run or a hike or walking on the ergometer (stairmaster.) I am just asking you to consider implementing some iron in your gym routine. And, if you already do lift weights, lift heavy. That’s how you “tone.” You have to burn the fat, after you build the muscle to see those toning results you’re seeking. Honestly, I hadn’t been that serious about lifting weights before and I too was fooled by the toning myth (less sets, more reps, lower weight.)  Now I lift as heavy as I can more sets, less reps, heavy weight!) I make some very unattractive faces when I’m lifting lol, but I love seeing the results both on the scale and in my clothes, which by the way I have to really buy some new clothes soon because they’re all baggy 😉 I’m not bragging, just really proud. I have never been the size I am now in my entire life. I’ve always been a plus size girl and now I am living my life in a body I never would have thought would be mine.

Moral of the story, don’t be intimidated by the weight room or a heavier dumbbell. Try it out for a few weeks and just see how you like it. You WILL be sore, you have been warned, but being sore is a happy pain. FitGirlProblems haha


Okay, I think that segways right into number 2 on my discussion list: reevaluating your plan of attack for getting fit. If you are happy with your plan and it’s working great for you, and you’re seeing the results you wanted, then that’s fantastic. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. BUT, if you are not happy with your routine or you’re having difficulty getting those results, then this information is meant for you.

How you go about fitness has a lot to do with how motivated you are. Chances are, if your workout is something you dread, you won’t really be motivated to do it, and then the excuses will come flying in. What exercises do you enjoy? Which ones give you a real buzz and sense of euphoria? Perhaps not immediately, but inevitably. The possibilities are truly endless! I’ve been experimenting with not only different exercises, but when I incorporate them into my workout. For example,

  • I have a weekly mile test that I do to try to improve my mile.
  • Then, I’ll jump rope for 5-10 minutes using the HIIT method.
  • Next, I’ll climb the stairs on the stairmaster for a while using the same HIIT method.
  • After that, I’ll walk on different inclines and various walking speeds.
  • Then, I’ll jump rope again and maybe do some abs.
  • Always though, I end with some light yoga-inspired stretching.

My body has no idea what I’m going to do next. It has to keep trying to adapt. AND I kind of like that it’s not always the same thing. Yes, I am doing the same exercise, but in different levels. Also, I have never ever used jumping rope as a form of exercise before, but it is fun to try new things. Have a look around here or the >Facebook< page for workouts I created, or create a couple of your own and pick one at random to do for the day. I always feel better having some kind of plan for my workout. It keeps things flowing and prevents me from thinking too much. You know, Just DO it haha


Perhaps you’re in need of some new scenery and the walls of the gym are slowly closing in on you. Fine. The weather is amazing now and perfect for some outdoor calorie burning fun! Run on the beach and then lay out then go for a real swim in the ocean. Google a new hiking trail, invite some friends, and take pictures of your excursion. Do yoga in the park or have an impromptu boot camp with your best friend. It’s your life. It’s your workout. Take control.

There really are no excuses for not finding the best workout for you and your goals. Get out in the world and…