“My Feet Hurt From Kicking So Much Ass”

Ok, I really needed to get this image out there. Maybe it’s just me, but these words strike motivation into my bones. “To prove to myself that this dream can become a reality.” The fact that it truly is capable is just inspiring. So yes, the image in the background may be of some girl with some nice abs…which she obviously worked hard for. You don’t get those kinds of results without some serious dedication. Who is to say that this isn’t someone who was once down this very path that I’m on..that you are on? The goals and dreams we have for ourselves are within our reach, if we can keep working hard to achieve them. If we care to try just a little bit more. Don’t give up now. Why would you? Remember that one workout where you were actually enjoying yourself? Having fun and laughing, really getting into the music? You better not say no because if you’ve never experienced that then you DEFINITELY can’t quit now!

I just really couldn’t agree more with this quote. You should love your body in every way. You only get one. You might as well  make the best of it, right? Don’t sell yourself short. Remember that you are enough. Whatever your goals are in any area of your life know that you are enough to make it happen. I think what fitness does is it gives confirmation that I am more capable than I knew or give myself credit for. Not to mention that there are some serious benefits that come with the territory. As you know, improved health and a sleeker physique are just 2 of the countless bonuses. That visual proof is both a blessing and a curse though. You may gain more motivation if you are able to see those results, but on the flip side it could thwart your progress if you don’t. To be honest, I only reference the scale about once a week. I think that’s a good habit because I don’t want to obsess about what the scale says. The numbers are going to fluctuate anyway, naturally. Plus, my goal is to lose about a pound a week so it makes sense. Don’t you love routines?? 😀

Yes! I suppose this is the best way to describe how I feel when I’m dripping sweat. I see the looks people give me when the sweat is literally dropping from my head. I realize I probably don’t look like the most attractive person when my whole face is glistening with sweet sweat, but there’s one thing they can’t deny, they can’t say I’m not working hard. And you know what, it wouldn’t matter anyway what they said because I work hard for me and nobody else. I am the sole resident of this body (for now) so it only matters to me. However, ask anyone who works hard for the body they have and majority will say that they can’t help but wanna show off their results. I know I do. I may not be where I weant to be yet, but that isn’t gonna stop me from sporting a bikini, feeling totally comfortable in my skin. Anyway, ladies, the moral of the story is: Earn Your Shower! It’s like the seal of approval 😉


Alright, so I have a few announcements.

I believe I’ve asked you this before buuuuttt…

Are you ready?

I will be in the IE in a couple weeks to visit with family and friends and to MAP OUT THE COURSE for the races!! I’m checking out two locations. One in Yucaipa and the other in San Bernardino. Then, I will provide you the precise location and meeting point. Lucky for you once you find out you can start practicing the course. Are you as excited as I am? It’s really going to be a lot of fun. I hope to make a day of it. Race, food, celebrate/party. Also, If you haven’t already done so, choose a training program and start asap!! Ask a friend to join in on the fun too! The big day is January 19, 2013! Just a quick tip, start planning your playlist!

Next, I have an opportunity for one lucky FitGirl to win a fitness prize! It’s quite simple really, be the first to fill out your registration form as well as submit payment ($10) to participate in the race. Please note that once I receive payment that the money will be unable to be returned since some items needed for the race are time sensitive.

Now, seeing as how you must register to be eligible to win prizes, you’re going to need the registration form, right?





Race/Running Experience:

Time You Hope to Finish:

Medical Concerns/Food Allergies:

Shirt Size:

Preferred Number:

Additional Comments:

By submitting this form you acknowledge that you are participating at your own risk.



Don’t give up on what you want the most. Be patient. Work HARD. Trust the process and believe in your progress.

I figured it had been a while since I posted some before and afters. Here ya go.








Checking In!

Hello my lovely, strong Fit Girls!

Do we feel amazing today?I know I do! I have been feeling extra fabulous ever since I woke up the other day and my scale had a present for me! I have been rewarded for my hard work by losing 5.2 pounds, hell yes! I almost couldn’t believe it, I thought there must be a glitch so I reset it over and over. Even came back to it later and the numbers hadn’t budged. Also, apparently I am now a size 7? When did that happen! It felt like I was stuck in the 9’s for months, and now I have reached siete! I got the good news when I tried on my Se7en jeans that are indeed a size 7 and wouldn’t you know it! They slipped on with ease! 😀 Gotta love progress! I decided to treat myself to something I’ve been wanting for a while…Nike Running pants.They are pretty pricey, but my incredible, adorable husband contributed the funds so that I was able to get them. Love that man of mine<3 They are so comfortable and perfect for running in cold weather!

Anybody else enjoying training so far? I’m sure you all love it when it’s over, right? Haha, don’t worry, I feel the same way sometimes. What matters is that we’re actually trying. The fact that you attempt the run speaks volumes about you.

So, has anyone told a friend about the races coming up? Please encourage your friends to participate with you! Did you know that working out with a friend can increase your chances of staying motivated and losing weight? What are friends for anyway 😉

I am getting antsy about announcing an opportunity for you ladies to win some prizes! First, I need to post the registration form for the race. You must fill out the registration form and pay the $10 entry to be eligible to win the prizes. I’ve had a busy few weeks at school so forgive me for not posting it yet, but I feel that you’ll find a way to forgive me..won’t you?

So today I was driving to school and dealing with the morning rush hour traffic and somehow I just got really inspired. I was such a fantastic mood, which was weird because usually traffic stresses people out but anyway, I just wanted to work out. Lol it was like, well…I could be doing something better with my time, but obviously I wasn’t able to. I was thinking about why I like to workout, running specifically. I like it for so many reasons…I love knowing that I am in control of my body when I do what it takes to make sure I am healthy.That being said, my health is probably my biggest motivator. My grandmother suffered from Diabetes before she eventually died from a fatal heart attack. My father’s side of my family is where I inherited my Mexican heritage and unfortunately also the history of cardiovascular issues so it is extremely important that I pay special attention to my health. I’m not saying that it isn’t a big deal if you don’t have these predisposing factors because it totally is.  I am more motivated in other areas of my life as well. It’s peculiar that one would have more energy after a nice sweat session, but it is true! At least for me and a few of my friends who have told me. I also don’t want to waste my youth being unhappy. I don’t want to look back and think, “I should have done this sooner.” The reality is that the older you get the harder it is to get healthy because your body has already been put through so much. It’s not impossible to get back on track in your later years, but why wait? What is stopping you from going after what you want right now?

Alright so moving on. I wanted to discuss two very important topics that I hope will improve your success!

The first is in regards to nutrition. For me, in the beginning it was difficult to stay on track with eating the right thing or in the right amount. If you are having a hard time with either of these issues then perhaps this is your blessing. If for any reason you go over on your calories or macros then remember that one bad day will not undo all of your efforts. Think of it as a weekly thing and adjust your eating habits for about 5-6 days after your little fiasco. However, I typically give myself a treat about once a week to keep my sanity and I won’t necessarily have to adjust anything. It’s really only when I go a significant amount over that I try to compensate. Don’t forget that you are allowed to have your desserts, drinks, or pizza in moderation.

Okay, the second is exercise related. It’s…

The Road to a More Perfect Run

  1. Warm up! You should always warm up. No excuses. Be kind to your body and allow it time to get ready for what you’re about to ask of it. Do jumping jacks, a slow paced jog, a few laps on the bike or elliptical, whatever. Just get it done.
  2. Stretch! Before and after your warm up and most importantly after your run! The more you stretch the better you’ll perform and recover. Really. When you stretch your muscles you are able to use more of them efficiently and release some of that built up lactic acid.
  3. Carb up! Grab an apple, some crackers, or any other carb conscious snack. You’ll need those carbs as energy on your run. *FACT* Your body uses mainly its glucose stores during the first 20 minutes of exercise. After that your body is excreting fuel from your muscles or fat deposits, depending on the exercise or duration.
  4. Run outdoors whenever possible. Fresh air and nature is so therapeutic to our human nature.
  5. Music matters! I have ran without my iPod, but most of the time I need those beats to pump me up. Load all of your favorite tracks onto a playlist that is sure to boost your mood and make your run more enjoyable. I don’t know about you, but when I hear a song that I really like I just can’t help but shake what my momma gave me! And while I may not be dancing persay, I do tend to bust a few moves while running. My friend and beloved gym companion Jennifer and I were notorious for this on the treadmill and elliptical!
  6. Run with a friend! Yep, have a friend tag along. You can motivate each other and it is a lot of fun! Or run with your boyfriend or husband as a date idea. Then grab lunch. How cute is that??
  7. Eat after! Simple sugars or carbs are great for recovery and allow you to keep up with the training schedule. Quick absorbing carbs are what you’re going to want to eat after a run. Your muscles will thank you. I like to enjoy a protein shake, parfait, or granola bar and fruit
  8. Ask me! It would be my honor to help you in any way that I possibly can. I do get busy with school and my personal life, but if I can help you I will. Don’t ever hesitate to ask!

I hope those tips help. I just want all of you to succeed. We are going to rock these runs come January! All you gotta do is give it all you got. I’ll post the registration forms soon, please be patient!

I will post again after Thanksgiving. Ladies, don’t stress about the holiday either. Enjoy yourselves and your families and then get back to it the next day. By the way, how clever is it that Thursdays on the training schedule are rest days…hmm..and then the next day are a running day. Pretty darn perfect if you ask me! You can put all that food (energy) to good use and have a fantastic run!

Following through in true FitGirl tradition is your motivational Pinterest picture portion of the post. Whoa…say thay 10x fast! Haha ok well let your eyes feast….

FitGirlLifestyle Race UPDATE

One of the girls brought to my attention that true beginners may appreciate having a 5K (3.1 miles) as an option. I am happy to accommodate such a request. I want as many people as possible to participate so I am adding a 5K to this event. That being said, you will need a different training schedule so I have created one for whoever needs it below:


Weeks Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 1 mile run Cross-Train or rest 1 mile run (race pace) Rest 1.5 mile run 20-30 min EZ run or Cross-Train Rest
2 1.5 mile run Cross-Train or rest 1.5 mile run (race pace) Rest 1.75 mile run 20-30 min EZ run or Cross-Train Rest
3 2 mile run Cross-Train or rest 1.5 mile run (race pace) Rest 2 mile run 25-35 min EZ run or Cross-Train Rest
4-5 2.25 mile run Cross-Train or rest 1.5 mile run (race pace) Rest 2.25 mile run 25-35 min EZ run or Cross-Train Rest
6-7 2.5 mile run Cross-Train or rest 2 mile run (race pace) Rest 2.75 mile run 35-40 min EZ run or Cross-Train Rest
8 2.75 mile run Cross-Train 2 mile run (race pace) Rest 2.75 mile run 35-40 min EZ run or Cross-Train Rest
9-10 3 mile run Cross-Train 2 mile run (race pace) Rest 3 mile run 40 min EZ run or Cross-Train Rest
11 3 mile run CT or Rest CT or Rest 2 mile run Rest 5K Race! 1.5 mile recovery run