Training Schedules

Level 1

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 1.5 mile run Cross-Train or rest 1.5 mile run (race pace) Rest 2 mile run 25-30 min EZ run orCross-Train Rest
2 2 mile run Cross-Train or rest 2 mile run (race pace) Rest 2.5 mile run 25-30 min EZ run orCross-Train Rest
3 2.5 mile run Cross-Train or rest 2 mile run (race pace) Rest 2.5 mile run 30-35 min EZ run orCross-Train Rest
4-5 2.5 mile run Cross-Train or rest 2 mile run (race pace) Rest 3.5 mile run 35 min EZ run orCross-Train Rest
6-7 3 mile run Cross-Train or rest 2.5 mile run (race pace) Rest 4 mile run 35-40 min EZ run orCross-Train Rest
8 3 mile run Cross-Train 2.5 mile run (race pace) Rest 4.5 mile run 35-40 min EZ run orCross-Train Rest
9-10 3.5 mile run Cross-Train 3 mile run (race pace) Rest 5 mile run 40 min EZ run orCross-Train Rest
11 3 mile run CT or Rest CT or Rest 2 mile run Rest 10K Race! 1.5 mile recovery run

If you don’t run as often or the other schedule seems too difficult for you right now then use the Level 1 training program to help you get in shape for the race. It starts out fairly easy and gradually becomes more challenging. See tips below for a happy run.

Level 2

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 3 mile run  Cross-Train  2.5 mile run (race pace)  Rest  3 mile run  30 min run/walk  Rest 
2 3 mile run  Cross-Train  3 mile run (race pace)  Rest  3.5 mile run  35-40 min run/walk  Rest 
3 3.5 mile run  Cross-Train  3.5 mile run (race pace)  Rest  4 mile run  35-40 min run/walk  Rest 
4-5 4 mile run  Cross-Train  3.5 mile run (race pace)  Rest  4.5 mile run  40-45 min run/walk  Rest 
6-7 4 mile run  Cross-Train  3 mile run (race pace)  Rest  5 mile run  40-45 min run/walk  Rest 
8 4 mile run  Cross-Train  3.5 mile run (race pace)  Rest  6 mile run  40-45 min run/walk  Rest 
9-10 4 mile run  Cross-Train  3 mile run (race pace)  Rest  7 mile run  40-45 min run/walk  Rest 
11 3 mile run  Cross-Train  Cross-Train or Rest  3.5 m run  Rest  10 K Race!  2 milerecovery run


Use this training schedule if you really want to challenge your body and make you feel alive! If this schedule makes you a little hesitant at first, but you are interested go ahead and give it a try! I will be using this program for my training.

Just to clarify, the days with a designated mileage just means to run that much. If you need to take a quick walk break that’s fine, but don’t count that as part of your run. Only count the parts when you are running. Also, race pace days are when you’re going to find your race pace. It’s a pace that isn’t too fast that you tire easily, but not too slow to where you aren’t getting a good workout. This pace is referred to as “comfortably hard.” Kind of a weird name, right? Really try to push it this day and not stop.

Tips for a happy run:

  1. find a pre-run routine that enhances the quality of your run. That routine can consist of anything that pumps you up like eating a snack that contains mostly carbs for energy, hydrating, stretching, or a plyometric warm-up.
  2. During your run, focus on your breathing. Moderate it. Don’t let it get ahead of you. Calm deep breaths in through your nose and slow, steady breaths out your mouth.
  3. Relax your hands while running. Don’t ball them into a fist. Release that tension so that your body isn’t using valuable energy and strength. You’ll want every bit of it that you can get.
  4. Running outside may be easier. Sometimes staring at the treadmill can psych you out if you have a big run and the numbers are slowly going up. It’s also cooler to run outdoors than inside where everyone’s body heat is collecting. However, there are upsides to running on a treadmill as well. It doesn’t wear on your shoes as quickly and is perfect for a rainy day. If you run on the treadmill set the incline to .5 to better simulate outdoor running since the race will be outdoors.

Great News and New Goals for November

So November is just a few days away and tons of exciting things are happening!

First off, I’d like to share with you that a few days ago I received a letter from my doctor regarding my recent blood tests. In the letter were my new numbers for cholesterol and glucose. My cholesterol levels are amazing! 183! If you look at the photo the nurse wrote the wrong number and I noticed after I had already posted it on FaceBook so yeah lol. But 183!!I’m so proud of myself for maintaining my good health naturally and abstaining from harmful drugs. Since I had high cholesterol before I’m more likely to get it again as well as other cardiovascular illnesses and I gotta say, it feels absolutely incredible to know I am in charge of my health.I am literally living proof that I don’t have to settle for acquiring a disease simply because it’s genetic. I am proof that if you don’t give up on yourself great things will happen. My mindset is “I’m not going to let something kill me that I could have tried to prevent.” I’m just not that way. My glucose is also in pretty good shape. On my last blood test results my glucose level was 99 and now it’s 90! Which is something I really really wanted since diabetes runs in my family.

Needless to say, my test results really got me pumped up and I enjoyed a nice vigorous workout.

I may not be where I thought I’d be, physically, but as long as I’m staying healthy then that satisfies me. So even if you don’t see the physical changes you desire, don’t let that sway your determination. Great things are happening inside of your body. Wonderful things. Things you may not have had a few months ago, like running a mile vs. walking it. Your health truly is the grand prize of fitness. The physical changes are just an amazing bonus! Unfortunately, a lot of women gauge their progress by only their reflection and what they see. You cannot rely on that proof alone to know you are making a difference. Looks can be so deceiving! A few months ago someone may have looked at me and thought there was no way I could run 7 miles. Well, I DID, as part of my 10k training. I felt like a boss knowing I could outrun girls that were half my weight. THAT is motivation!


Alright, soooo who is ready to tackle the next challenge for the next few months? My goal is to run a half-marathon. I think I mentioned that before. Before I do that I want to run another 10K, but improve my time and then move on. That being said, I’m ready to get started on it! I’m really excited! A 10K consists of 6.2 miles.I encourage you to get in on this! I can hardly wait for the endorphins myself 😉 The race wouldn’t be until the new year, but weeks of training is required. Whoever decides to join me in the training program/race should let me know. I will put together a training program so you can follow along and stay on track.

Race Details: I know that official races can be pretty costly to those with a limited income, so this race is the first (of hopefully many) race hosted by FitGirlLifestyle! The date is January 19, 2013. That’s a Saturday. The cost is only $10 to register. This money will go toward post race snacks, refreshments, numbers and marking the course. Your time will be recorded as well as having your picture taken at the finish line with your time. Yes, I’m willing to do all of this for you so you get the feel of what it is like to go to a race, hopefully to motivate you to do another one. Maybe a half marathon with me later on! Wishful thinking. Anyway, I will design the course myself. Since most of you are in the IE area I am looking to do it in one of the cities out there.

Please don’t be discouraged by the distance. We are beginning training on November 5 so we will have plenty of time to get in shape. If you are scared, that’s a good thing. That means you are unsure of whether or not you can pull this off. Are you going to let fear of the unknown deter you from accomplishing something that will make you feel better about yourself?? That is certainly not a good reason to not do this! Let me guide you through this challenge and help you get through this. Also, I want to get Fit Girl shirts made for the race. I am still figuring out a design which will help determine the price point, but if you are interested in sporting one while training or for the race let me know! The more people that want one will help lower the price. I’ll post the design once I have it figured out.

After the race we will figure out lunch and other activities, really make a day of it and celebrate what we accomplish. It’s going to be a great time!

Doesn’t this sound like such a great idea to stay fit during the holidays that are quickly approaching?

Oh man, did I forget to mention that during our training for this race you will have the opportunity to win prizes?? Workout and score free gear. Why wouldn’t you want to get it on this?! Of course, in order to be eligible to win prizes you must register for the race. I only want to reward those who are dedicated. Earn it. I’ll post a registration form in the next day or two.

So, as you can see lots of exciting things are going down.  Are you ready? Get it on the fun and let’s all get fit together!

Are You Strong Enough?

First, put on Christina Aguilera – Fighter to get you in the mood for this post. Pretty please! 🙂

I want to know. Who has stayed faithful to the challenge?

Who let the sweat drip from their body and went back for more?

Did you wake up knowing you were going to rock that workout?

Who feels sore today?

Who feels like they’re going to own that mile tomorrow? Wait..who is going to own that mile tomorrow?

Whoever is strong enough will. Are you strong enough? I am because I say I am. I have control over this body. I say I am strong enough to tackle this challenge. Not only will I complete this challenge, but I will be even stronger. Faster. Leaner. Happier. I want this. Do you?

I want you to think for a moment about why you first said you wanted to complete this challenge. Is that reason still true? What version of yourself do you envision when you think about who you want to be? I know who I want to be.

I want to meet my potential. I want to see what I can do if I just push a little further each time. Am I really too tired to take on that extra quarter mile? Half mile? Am I going to give in because I think I want to stop? What do I want more? A few seconds of rest or a few more seconds of greatness? I’m strong enough to know I can pull it off. I stop thinking that I’m tired, because if I truly were I would have already stopped instead of thinking about it. Then, I feel a surge through my body, like a rush of endorphins to carry me all the way to the end. That’s how I know I’m strong. Strong-willed. Strong heart. Strong lungs. Strong body. 7 miles strong. Especially when I finish something I thought was going to break me. Was that extra minute/s really that big of a deal? Na 😉

Now, tell me. In what ways are you strong? How about in the morning when you resist the temptation of a donut or some other sugary, empty calorie food? Are you strong around the afternoon? Did you pack a lunch or plan ahead? When you’ve already succeeded earlier in the day, do you stay strong in the evening? Somewhere during the day, did you workout to make yourself even stronger? You can be strong in all these ways. Don’t think they’re small enough to ignore. I can guarantee there are going to be several times when the outside world will ask you if you have what it takes to continue to be strong by testing us. Testing us with food, or television, family, friends, time. While it’s true we can’t prepare for everything, we sure as hell can try. Why not? If I have a goal that is attainable why shouldn’t I chase it? Maybe that’s what you can visualize during your mile test tomorrow. Chase after the person you know you can be. While you’re doing that, run even faster away from the old you. When I was completing a 4 mile run for my 10k training at the gym I bumped into a friend. He said he saw me getting all sweaty on the treadmill working hard (exceptional compliment btw) and asked me what I was running from? I told him exactly what I told you. I’m running away from the old, weak me, and chasing the new fabulous, fit me.

That is my reason to be strong. I want to be a better me. Your reason may be different. Maybe you have kids? Are you going to be strong for them? Are you going to prevent yourself from getting Type 2 Diabetes and living with the complications that limit your quality of life with your family? Are you going to be running out of breath trying to keep up with them? Who do you want them to see when they see you? Will you make them as proud of you as you are of them?

We are on our 3rd week of the October Daily Fitness Challenge, but it’s not too late to regain your focus if you’ve lost it. My yoga instructor begins each class with a profound statement. She says, “set an intention for your practice today.” It’s basically a goal you want to reach during the practice/workout. It can be whatever you want. A physical goal, an emotion, a trait, anything. It helps us reach our goals one step at a time.

Each time we are successful brings us that much closer to what we really want in the end.

It will come down to what you want the most. It will be hard some days. Then, some days it may be even harder. However, there will be easy days too. What matters is how you deal with the situation. If it’s coming down to that slice of cheesecake or you, always choose yourself. You and your goals are more important than cheesecake that will only taste good for a few minutes. A Fit Girl though, is so much sweeter and the enjoyment lasts waaaayyyy longer. Each time you say no to something that is bad for you makes you stronger just like every time you say yes to a workout makes you stronger.

I’m strong enough because I say I am. And I can prove it.

Are you strong enough?

Pantry Essentials


  • 100% Whey Protein (1 pound has 15 servings which should last you just over 2 weeks)
  • avocado
  • almond milk
  • romaine lettuce and baby spinach or salad mix
  • veggies (steamed or raw) *sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, bell peppers, onion
  • fruit (for snacks or shakes/smoothies) *bananas, all berries, apples, oranges, nectarines
  • eggs (scrambled for breakfast or hard-boiled for egg salad)
  • tuna
  • chicken (skinless)
  • olive oil (use instead of butter)
  • garlic (adds a ton of great flavor)
  • bread (Orowheat health-full)
  • greek yogurt (more protein and better for you than other yogurts)
  • 2-3 different spices
  • salad dressing or balsamic vinegar (you can find Brianna’s salad dressing at Target and Stater Bros.)


  • cereal (9 grams of sugar or less)
  • peanut butter (my favorite is PeanutButter&Co found at Target and FreshandEasy)
  • jelly
  • honey
  • Kashi granola bars
  • skinny cow ice cream ( i like the truffle bars)
  • cheese
  • nuts

It’s a good bet that you can find most of these items in my home at all times. What is great about this list is that you can mix the items and the ideas are endless. For example, you can have several different kind of sandwiches like pb&j, pb&honey, pb&banana, tuna, egg salad, chicken, a breakfast sandwich, or even a grilled cheese.

The same goes for salads. Salads are great because they can host a variety of different ingredients and still be tasty. You can add eggs, chicken, fruits, other veggies, and my favorite, avocado. Well, let’ be honest, I’ll put avocado on just about anything.

Greek yogurt and berries is a classic favorite of mine. I also add Greek yogurt to my protein shakes from time to time. Another great item to add to protein shakes is peanut butter! It really ups the flavor factor!

Week One: Done, Week Two: Here We Go

Hello my fabulous Fit Girls! It is Monday morning and that means week one of the October Daily Fitness Challenge is complete and Week Two is on! I would like to congratulate everyone who pushed it and made it through the first week. I hope you all were sore, as weird as that sounds, because that means you really did challenge yourself! So again, congratulations because every day we do this we are one day closer to achieving greatness.

So, I’ve been thinking about it and I am going to incorporate bonus challenges freely, kind of like a pop quiz/extra credit type of thing. Sound good? Of course I encourage everyone to participate…

This week I am also going to conjure up a short shopping list of must-have items for Think Thin Thursday, but feel free to expand that mindset to everyday. A good diet is crucial in meeting our fitness goals. I will post some individually like I have already done on the Facebook page, but I really want to get a list out to you ladies. Then you can just print it out and take it with you to the store. Easy enough?

Alriiiight, so I asked what I could do to help you girls get through this challenge, and I’d like to say thanks to those that replied. It helps me to know what you ladies need so we can accomplish our goals. I am going to post more recipes as well as routines for the weight training days. I also want to put together a routine for the cardio days for those of you that want more direction.

Well, I’m as excited as always to get through these fitness goals. How about you?

Also, I’m curious..did anyone promise themselves a reward for completing this 31 day challenge? It’s not too late to give yourself one! I am splurging on a new pair of running shoes. I just have to narrow down my choices, but I have some time to think about it. Your reward can whatever you choose. Maybe a mani/pedi, new outfit, nice dinner, whatever. Speaking of rewards, I am brainstorming ideas for a different challenge in which I will actually be giving away a prize! I will give details about that later. Perhaps for now you can use this month as training to get you prepared for the next challenge since that one will be more difficult.

Then, eventually, your grand reward will be…

Those are just a few of what is waiting at the end of this journey and all it takes is whatever you got.

One of the biggest rewards living fit can give us is

Isn’t Pinterest great? There is a world full of motivation out there in case you ever need a pick me up. I browse the fitness board when I need a little nudge.

Please take this quick poll to help me narrow down the essentials for recipes and food lists. Thank you!


October Daily Fitness Challenge!

Yes! I’m so very excited to announce this challenge. My goal with this is for you to print this out or write it down to keep track of what you are accomplishing. This challenge will not only reinforce your motivation, it will also get you started on your path to prepare for the holiday season that is upon us all! So, do you have what it takes to push through 31 days of various fitness challenges? Let’s see! At the end of every week post your results to the FaceBook page so we can all help each other stay faithful and committed. If you already have a fitness routine try adding this on top of what you’re already doing and be even more of a boss! Woohoooooo!

So, its as simple as 123…

  1. Do the assigned activity for the day
  2. Initial in the box
  3. Repeat

There are some things I would like to clarify with you before you begin.

  • Muscle Mondays are high weight and low rep days. We are training our muscles on this day, but don’t forget to warm up first. Do about 5 minutes of intense stretching or light cardio. *side note, on leg days we are also going to be workin out that bootay!
  • Toned Tuesdays are light weight and high reps. We are toning  our muscles on this day. It’s also good to do some stretching before this activity.
  • Work It Out Wednesdays are the mile test! Basically, you’re going to run a mile as fast as you can. Keep track of your time every week by making a note in the box. If you have to walk a little bit that is fine, don’t overdo it, just make sure to finish the mile.
  • Think Thin Thursdays are rest days, but it doesn’t mean it’s a freebie day. This is the day where you will eat clean for the entirety of the day. Eating well is a vital component to living a Fit Lifestyle so be sure to really stick to it this day. If you need a suggestion for a snack or a meal please feel free to ask me on the FaceBook page. I will also be posting recipes to aid you on this day so check in often!
  • Cardio Fridays are when you are going to do strictly cardio for the assigned time. You can do this! This is a high intensity cardio day so try to take as little breaks as possible in between, push yourself, really get that blood flowing and that heart rate up. Remember, if you need to take a break do so, listen to your body.
  • Sweaty&Sexy Saturdays are also strictly cardio days but with a calorie target. This is low intensity cardio though. That means you can take a little more time accomplishing your goal, but get sweaty and really feel the burn as you progress into burning more calories each week.
  • Slow It Down Sundays are also a rest day. You’re just going to do a light walk at your pace to release some of that lactic acid that may have built up in your muscles leaving you sore. It’s best to stretch and take a nice walk to help ease that tension. Besides, going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon sounds pretty relaxing and a nice way to end the week! Just ask Daisy 😉

Now, that’s not all. I will also be posting to the FaceBook page some specific exercises for the muscle groups on weight training days just in case you don’t know what to do. Cardio days are pretty straight forward, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to hit me up.

I hope you all are as excited as I am about this journey! I will be right along side with you doing each and every task you do.

Muscle Monday Toned Tuesday Work It Out Wednesday Think Thin Thursday Cardio Friday Sweaty&Sexy Saturday  SlowItDown Sunday
(10/1) Arms&Abs (10/2)      Back (10/3) Mile Test! (10/4)
Eat Clean!
(10/5) 35 minutes (10/6)   300 calories (10/7) 15 minute walk
(10/8) Shoulders (10/9) Arms&Abs (10/10) Mile Test! (10/11)
Eat Clean!
(10/12) 40 minutes (10/13) 400 calories (10/14) 20 minute walk
(10/15) Legs&Abs (10/16) Shoulders (10/17) Mile Test! (10/18)       Eat Clean! (10/19) 45 minutes (10/20) 500 calories (10/21) 25 minute walk
(10/22)    Chest (10/23) Legs&Abs (10/24) Mile Test! (10/25)        Eat Clean (10/26) 50 minutes (10/27) 600 calories (10/28) 30 minute walk
(10/29) Back&Abs (10/30)    Chest (10/31) Mile Test!