Lift Like A Girl

Fit Girls! Hello again! I am so sorry I have neglected you, but I have become so overwhelmed by “life” this last week. Everything from cracked windshields to tire blowouts to Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to preparing for our move down to Newport Beach, or as I like to call it, civilization. I do hope you have not forgotten about me, I have been thinking about all of you often.

I know I’m in love with running, but I wanted to share with you another very important component of getting and staying fit, resistance training, or in other words..lifting weights. I realize I never quite went into detail about it, in fact I think I may have not really mentioned it at all, except in my sample workout regimen from an earlier post. Of course it is just as important as cardio, and I’ll tell you why. Resistance training as you may know is a great way to challenge your muscles as well as build muscle. But did you also know that it is also beneficial to your bones? Being female already sets up a predisposition for acquiring osteoporosis, which is basically the loss of bone density over time, making fracture much more likely. I know I know, you are all still fairly young, and osteoporosis is probably the last thing on your “things to worry about” list. However, making a habit of lifting weights now can help out a lot in the long run, and besides, there are so many other great benefits to pumping iron 😉

Building muscle, I’m not talkin about becoming the next female equivalent to the very famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, but at least for me I’d like to have a little, enough to open the pickle jar by myself…on the first try. Or perhaps carry in all the groceries in one trip lol. Building muscle doesn’t mean you have to be bulky either. Actually, there are two ways to do it entirely. 1)bulking –not as crazy as it sounds because you can stop whenever you get the results you like and then move on to… 2)toning –maintenance or if you’re just starting out, get a nice little shape out of it, like a round, firm butt hehe.

Weight lifting is also great in that it is pretty much specific. You train the muscles you want and the others won’t be affected. If only fat loss worked that way. I’m still having to come to terms that whatever curves I had up top are now smaller..along with my “badonk” lol. My amazing boyfriend reassures me that everything is getting smaller, tummy, thighs, arms, face. His argument is valid, and I am left to just deal with it. Anyway, I suppose that this is my favorite thing about weight training. Not to mention, the weight I lost in my beloved curves can be made up through lifting weights, so not all hope is lost. No, it won’t make me go up a cup size, but I can build the muscles in my chest to make them more toned and noticeable, and I think that’s better than nothing! I can do the same with my backside, make it nice and perky haha. Also, building and toning can improve your cardio ability. If you’re running or doing the stairs, elliptical, whatever, you can expect to see an improvement in your performance if you train your legs and abs with weights. Although, don’t neglect your arms or back! They need some lovin too.

If I haven’t stressed just how important diet is for all physical activity, let it be known now! In fact, engrave it forever in your memory.

You just can’t.

Engrave these words in your memory..”Get fit in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen!” I can’t take the credit for that, but it’s awesome, thank you Pinterest!

Anyway, continuing on. I have some tips if you are interested in getting your muscle on. Consider these:

  1. Don’t be intimidated in the weight room/weight area. It’s not just a man’s world. Just turn your music up a little louder and get into it. It really can be quite fun!
  2. If you are unsure about a certain exercise or technique, don’t be afraid to ask! More often than not, the other members will be willing to help out. After all, these people are exercising so they are likely to be in a good mood anyway. If you don’t feel comfortable with this then I suggest YouTube
  3. Toning=less weight, more reps. Building=more weight, less reps.
  4. Don’t sacrifice form. Lower the weight if you have to. There are reasons for it, so you don’t hurt yourself, and so you get the most out of every lift.
  5. Don’t train the same muscles everyday. Your muscles need time to grow and repair. If you’re going to be training with weights most days of the week, focus on only a group a muscles per day. For example, one day you do all leg workouts, the next arms, etc. I am currently only training with weights about 2 days a week and I spread the days out so I just do all my muscle groups in one day and then take the next day to relax and recover. If you don’t feel sore the next day, perhaps you didn’t train hard enough. If you do feel sore, that’s great, that means you challenged yourself. I use my recovery days to stretch and take a walk so that my muscles are a little loose. Nobody likes stiff muscles, it’s painful. If possible, take a nice bath, bubbles optional 😉
  6. Eat more protein on weight training days than cardio days. Protein is crucial and it’s actually pretty easy to find sources of protein. I am really digging protein shakes right now. They are so easy to make and taste like a treat more than anything. I use 6 oz. vanilla soy milk, 1 tbsp white chocolate dreams peanut butter(Peanut Butter & Co, find it at Target), 1.5 scoops of vanilla whey, and about 6 ice cubes cause I like my shakes thick.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions I would love to help out whatever way I know how. I’m not an expert or anything, I just know what worked for me, and hopefully it will work for you.

Here are some of my results from resistance training.

pickle jars beware

sorry they look uneven, its just the picture. it’s hard to take pictures of your backside by yourself 😛

Oh yeah, sexy, toned legs.

Yep, not too shabby for a girl, right? My calves may be too much for some people, but I run, and I like the fact that I have them to count on and push me through the miles. What i reeeeally want to focus on is toning up my bootay. My boyfriend bought me this fabulous Victoria’s Secret bikini, my first ever so it’s exciting for me, and I really want to look my best in it. Especially since we are moving to Newport Beach 🙂

That reminds me, some sad news. My laptop is only going to be working for about 3 more days, and it will be hard to update on here as often as I would like ::sad face::  We have to wait until my hard rive or whatever is back in stock on the Sony website, it has been back ordered for some time, and my 30 day trial is just days away. However, please familiarize yourself with the FitGirlLifestyle FaceBook page. That is easier to access than this will be.

I hope you all have an amazing, wonderful week. Remember, you can always sweat our your “case of the Mondays” with a good ol fashioned lift session.

Have a Fit Day ❤

Exercise is always the best remedy.

Fit Girl’s Fun Weekend

Hello beautiful, Fit Girls! Did you have a lovely weekend?

My weekend was quite exciting! As you may know, my 10K race was Saturday morning. It was an amazing experience.

Sore and tired, but really happy! High on endorphins!

The day was perfect for a run, too. The results aren’t in yet so I don’t know where I placed, but to me, all that matters is that I accomplished the 2 goals I had for the race; Not coming in last and finishing in under an hour. Go me! I encountered a few problems while on the run, but nothing I couldn’t handle, had to keep that positive mentality. I had to pull over at one point to throw up..haha, I thank one of the hills for that one, but when I was done it was no big deal and I kept right on running along. Then, during the last mile I got a cramp on my side. I tried to just push through it, being so close to the finish line I didn’t want to slow down or stop or lose my momentum, but I just slowed down a little bit to try to stretch it out. When that didn’t work, I just turned up the volume on my iPod and ignored the pain. I wasn’t about to let a little bit of temporary pain ruin what I had worked so hard for, especially since it was so close to the end. And man, there is no feeling like the feeling when you see the finish line. Once the finish line was in my view the only thing I could think of was, “it’s almost over!” Lol, really. You’re tired, thirsty, anxious, and excited. I was surprised by how quickly it seemed to be over. Usually, I track my miles with the MapMyRun app, but I was so focused on getting in the zone before the race that I forgot to turn it on, but I found that I didn’t really need it. As a matter of fact, I think it wouldn’t have been such a great idea to even have it on. Anyway, I crossed the finish, and this man was taking pictures of everyone. I grabbed some water, and to my surprise they had post-race snacks…cookies…and Of course I had a cookie! Chocolate chip deliciousness mmmm. Also, don’t think running isn’t a total body workout, it doesn’t just work your legs. When I got home I noticed that pretty much my whole body had been worked. My calves, hammies, and abs were sore. Even my ARMS were sore…from running…kinda weird right? But it felt so good. You know you got a good workout in when your body is sore, it means you pushed it to a new limit. Then, I took off my shoes and discovered a few blisters also. Annnnd I think it’s safe to say that I will indeed be needing some new running shoes in the very near future. Racked up the miles on my Nikes from all the training and ultimately the race.

Only half crazy 😉

Now, I’m looking into half-marathons. 13.1 miles, that is a whole new level of which I am excited to test. James and I are moving mid July to Newport Beach so it will definitely be somewhere in Southern California. If you ladies want to train or are interested in running one let me know! Most races offer other distances too, so if you don’t feel that you are ready to tackle a half-marathon, you can try a 5k(3.1 miles) or a 10k(6.2 miles) I’m hoping to do it in August, before school starts. It seems so close from now, only 2 months away, but if you are dedicated you can be ready by then. I trained for about 2 and a half months for this and found that I was ready:) I really want to do a half-marathon though, so I can wear the t-shirt haha.

I’m well aware that I could buy the shirt, but I want to earn it.

The rest of my weekend was awesome too.Saturday was really eventful. After the race, I got ready to go to Oyster Fest, an annual festival in Arcata in the plaza, or “square” as some people call it.

What a good time too. We had some beers, thanks Andrea;) and my friend Kelsey and I had some delicious oysters!


I really should have taken a picture of these oysters, but I was so hungry I just forgot lol. We waited in line for 30 minutes for them, and they were worth it. First time I had oysters too. I caught a nice little tan on my shoulders. It was a bunch of nonsense, but in a good way. Nice way to let loose after my big morning. Oh, and it was also my little brother’s 12th birthday:) 







Sunday was just as amazing. James and I had a nice date night in at home. We grilled some ribeyes, sauteed some mushrooms 

and asparagus, boiled gnocchi and had some incredible gorgonzola cream sauce from a local Italian restaurant. He also insisted on sharing a slice of cheesecake with my favorite Moscato.

perfect ending

It was a great weekend, particularly because we don’t usually get to go out and forget about counting calories for a day..or two lol. But we’re human and we can’t forget to live our lives.

It’s okay to treat yourself every once a while, it’s when you do it often that it is a problem. Just wanted to remind everyone that you can still enjoy yourself (and a slice of cheesecake) and still lose weight. Be disciplined, but don’t be so strict that you are miserable. “Everything in moderation.”

Alright well, that about sums it up. An amazing dream weekend, but it’s back to reality. Gotta get ready for the gym, wait..the gym better get ready for me! Ok I know that was corny haha, but I feel a good workout comin. Remember, sweaty is sexy! Get some, I know some bossy ladies are reading this, let’s get fit girls! Have a Fit day!

Hold up, you know I couldn’t leave you without some motivation! I love before and afters!

Stay dedicated.

Be fit, at any age.

You can do this!

it won’t be easy, but it WILL be worth it.

Be Strong

Hello Fit Girls! I hope you all are having a fabulous day! It’s sunny and beautiful again here in Humboldt, which always surprises me because the weather is usually always overcast and a little chilly. Anyway, how are you guys? Staying on track with your fitness goals? Making any progress? I know you are, even if you don’t see the results, you’ll start to feel yourself improving with every sweat session.

FEEL Yourself Getting Stronger, Better, Faster, Sexier.

Speaking of goals, my fitness goal is quickly approaching. As you can see over to the right, my countdown for my 10K race reflects only 2 days left before the big day! Surprisingly, I’m not freaking out. I’m actually pretty excited, with just a wee bit of nervousness, naturally. I’ve been training for a little over 2 months, and I am pumped. Every day I reminded myself that I was a runner. I may not be the fastest, or have the most endurance, but I’d bet on myself every time to get out there and do my best. You really have to believe in yourself. How many of you use running as a way to get fit or lose weight? How do you feel after? I really enjoy running because I just feel like such a boss. If that is cheesy I don’t care. It’s the truth! Running just makes me feel different. This new found love for running wasn’t something that happened overnight. When I was younger, the only time I ran was because of soccer, and in all reality, that consisted of mostly sprinting, which is very different than long-distance running. I loathed the treadmill. I also used to be too embarrassed to even go for a run in my neighborhood, I just thought it wasn’t for me. I was content with my elliptical and stairs. However, I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and try something different, spice up my life a little bit. Besides, I could tell that my body was quite bored of my usual gym routine. My body craved a challenge and so I decided to give it one. A 6.2 mile challenge where the first mile is entirely uphill to be exact.

Start today.

Of course there were some bad days, but mostly good days. If you find yourself having difficulty getting through the hard days, consider this…

Sometimes, it’s hard. But I think that it has to be. It makes you really appreciate yourself and everything you’ve accomplished to get where you are. The other day I was looking in the mirror, and I couldn’t help but just smile at myself. I’m like..”I did that? Really? When did this happen?” I love that feeling, almost as much as the feeling after a good run. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I quit. If I decided that this whole getting fit thing was too hard. If I decided to be too lazy to do anything about it. If I gave into all the cravings. Bottom line, at the end of the day, what did I truly want? Did I want to be healthy and live a long, meaningful, happy life? Or did I want the cookies, ice cream, greasy pizza, and to be out of breath after walking up a hill? I will never regret making the choice of starting this adventure and reaping all the benefits 😉

What I want you to understand is that if you work hard at this you WILL be rewarded. Be strong and life as you know it will change and you will wonder how you ever put this off for so long. My absolute favorite part of living this way and maintaining this lifestyle is how much confidence I have in myself. Not just confidence in the way I look or how others perceive me, but confidence in that I overcame so much that I know what I am capable of. I know how it feels to be strong, and I don’t want to give that up. I don’t want you to give up either. I want you to feel how I feel because it just feels so. damn. good. I want you to know that every little thing you’re doing now to be a better you is worth it. You are worth it.

Do it for you.

If you want this, if you reeeally want this, you will do it. You will do the work to achieve it. I hope you will because…


Don’t quit, you are strong enough to do this.

Need some strong songs for your iPod? Try adding these to your workout playlist:

  1. Christina Aguilera – Fighter
  2. Kelly Clarkson – What Doesn’t Kill You
  3. Eminem – Til I Collapse
  4. Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong
  5. Trapt – Headstrong
  6. Katy Perry – Part of Me
  7. KatyPerry – Firework
  8. Destiny’s Child – Survivor
  9. Rihanna – Hard
  10. Eminem – Lose Yourself
  11. Rick Ross – The Boss (Can’t leave this one out!)

I’m interested in knowing what are some of your favorite workout songs? I would love to throw some of your suggestions on my iPod for my race Saturday so let me know what they are! Oh and please bear with me as I am trying to still figure out how to work this site. I am trying to create a page full of recipes for you.

Have a fantastically Fit day!

Got Motivation?

The true key to weight loss success is having enough motivation. But what happens when you just can’t seem to get it together and get your sweat on?


Trust me, there are days I feel like I would rather lounge around in my yoga pants and watch movies all day. The only problem with this is that usually my fridge and pantry are calling my name, begging me to partake in some unnecessary snacking followed by guilt. Sometimes, I just have no energy or my schedule for the day consists of dozens of errands, appointments, class, etc. So how do I stay motivated? I try different things.

When I want to watch a movie or tv show instead of working out, I remind myself that my gym has mini tv’s on some of their machines. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. I fit in my workout while watching whatever it is I wanted to watch. Sounds simple enough, I mean, pretty much everyone has a pair of headphones these days and that’s all you need. If your gym is lackin on their technology you’ll have to choose, but I think working out your butt is better than sitting on it 😛

No energy. This one sucks, but luckily an easy fix. When I have at least 45 minutes to spare before my workout I like to eat a small meal or snack that has a few extra carbs for energy during my workout. Note that I said small, you don’t want to eat too large of a meal before a workout. Why? When you have food in your tummy that hasn’t been fully digested, and then you start working out, the body puts digesting food on hold. This is because your body senses that the muscles in your body, heart, and lungs need more oxygen, nutrients, water, and energy, and there is simply not enough to go around to accommodate both functions.  In essence, your body determines that working out is priority over digesting food, pretty cool huh? Of course, you could always opt for an energy drink, and that is fine if you are okay with it. For me, I try to obtain energy naturally through food., minus my one occasional cup of coffee in the morning.

Next, the biggie. No time. Hectic schedule. If you just don’t have enough time for an hour to work out, thats fine. You can still fit in a pretty decent workout in as little as 25 minutes. That is less than a half hour, and really. If 25 minutes is taking too much time out of your schedule at once, do it in small doses throughout the day, like power walking to your car or even jogging. This small step can make a difference, especially if you have a lot of places to visit in a day like going to multiple stores. While I’m on the subject, try parking a little farther. Get those few extra moments and they will add up. Take the stairs whenever possible.Think Fit!

So how about that 25 minute treadmill workout? It can be intense, but the point is to get your heart rate up. As I like to say, sweaty is sexy. And the next time you see those girls who are all cute at the gym with their matching outfits, perfect hair and makeup with girlish figures, remember not to compare yourself to them. As a matter of fact, forget about them. Unless they’re sweating and working hard, maybe you could see what type of workouts they are doing, but focus on you. Get sweaty. Go hard. Push it. My dad used to tell me to “empty the gas tank” when it was the 4th quarter in one of my soccer games. Now, when I’m pushing for that last mile I give myself these little pep talks. I tell myself I’m awesome, and that I got this. And so do you.

Try this on for size. If at any point it i too much, slow down. Try not to stop completely because you want to give your heart enough time to catch up and slow down.

  • 0-3 minutes (warm up) walk at 4.0, incline at 4.0 If you don’t have a gym membership and are doing this outside try POWERwalking instead.
  • 4-6 minutes jog at 5.5, incline 2.0 If outside, light jog.
  • 6-8 minutes a little faster at 6.0, same incline.
  • 8-10 minutes a little bit faster at 6.5, 1.0 incline.
  • 10-10.30 minutes sprint at 7.5, no incline. (try to make it to 11 minutes if you can, that’d be awesome!)
  • 10.30-12 minutes jog at 6.0, no incline.
  • 12-13 minutes speed it up to 7.0, no incline.
  • 13-14 minutes slow it back down to 6.5, 1.0 incline.
  • 14-16 minutes jog at 6.0, incline at 2.0
  • 16-17 run at 7.0, incline still at 2.0 ( this is pep talk time. running uphill is definitely a challenge, but at this point you are almost done!)
  • 17-18 slower at 6.5, 2.0 incline.
  • 18-20 jog 6.0, 1.0 incline.
  • 20-25 walk at 3.5, no incline (cool down, don’t skip this part! be kind to your heart!)

Continuing on with how to obtain motivation. Every now and then I surf the fitness section of Pinterest and after looking at a few images I am motivated. On a bad day, when all of these fail, and I’m left with no real excuse not to go other than me just not wanting to, I tell myself “Ugh, just do it.” I start to get ready, still unmotivated lol, but by the time I get into my car, and the music is bumpin in my little Honda, something happens. Maybe it’s the fact that my favorite song came on, or I made the light, or the friendly gym staff, or the simple fact that the gym is comforting. I know how I’m going to feel when I leave, like a boss, one step closer to reaching my goals.  I guess just being there is motivating. If I’m already there, then it is highly unlikely that I will just turn around and go home, not with these gas prices! Not  uh! And being there is better than not being there. So, if you are having a horribly unmotivated day, try just doing it. Just get yourself there and see what happens.

I woke up today with little motivation, but I just went through the motions of getting ready to go on an outdoor run, and before I knew it my feet were hitting the pavement. I am SO glad I went, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy such a beautiful day here in Humboldt. Good weather here is especially hard to come by. Here is a little bit of what I encountered while running on a new trail 🙂

beach view 🙂

And sometimes, nature can inspire you to push a little further.


It’s like everyone knows. Even street signs.

And these are just some of my favorite motivational pins.



Haha, funny, but so true.

You choose who you want to be.

And of course, the ever popular, my favorite,


So there you have it! We all have it in us to make our dreams a reality. Until next time, have a Fit day! ❤

Macros, Exercise Regimen, and Tips!

Alrighty, let’s get down to how i became so successful with this whole losing weight thing.

I count calories; both consumed and burned. If you haven’t checked it out already, please visit and sign up! Even better would be to download the app on your phone, not to mention it is free! This app makes counting calories on the go SO easy. It keeps track of every little calorie you eat and burn.

Next, I use   This website is awesome for calculating how much of each MacroNutrient you should be eating. There are four macro nutrients: water, carbohydrates, fat, and protein. What is great about this site is that you can customize your diet by how much weight you want to lose per week. Then, it tells you how long it will take you to lose a certain amount of weight. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss is no more than two pounds a week, although I found it is easier to lose just one pound a week. Knowing how much of each macro you need and abiding by those numbers is essential to reaching your goals!

I especially like these sites because it does all the math for me haha.

Here are my daily numbers:

1,430 calories <—You need to eat every calorie or your body will not budge. This number reflects a deficit so it’s extremely important you don’t starve yourself. If you go a little over, don’t fret, just dont make it a habit.

123 g carbs <— good sources are fruit, veggies, whole grains

110 g protein <— good sources are egg whites, meat, nuts(in moderation), whey, fish

55 g fat <— good sources are peanut butter, nuts, EVOO, whole eggs

I’ll give you an example of what I am eating today

Breakfast: 2 oz. light vanilla silk (i stay away from real milk because of my issues with cholesterol), 1/2C honey nut cheerios, 100g strawberries, 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg(i limit the amount of whole eggs for the same cholesterol reasons), 60g red grapes. (300 calories)

Lunch: 1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein, 8 oz. light vanilla silk, 2 tbsp. white chocolate wonderful peanut butter by Peanut Butter & Co.(best peanut butter in the world! look for it at Target!), 1 slice Orowheat Health Full 10 grain bread. (495 calories)

Dinner: 8 oz. chicken thigh boneless&skinless, 2.5 cups romaine salad mix, 2 tbsp. Brianna’s asiago ceasar salad dressing(favorite dressing by FAR), 5 tbsp. Pace picante sauce, 1.5 oz. tortilla chips. (625 calories)

My exercise regimen is very well laid out, particularly because I am training for a 10K! Please keep in mind that I have been training for this for almost 2 months now and I designed this plan specific to me since I am now an intermediate runner. Beginners should start off slowly and increase difficulty gradually.

This is how my regimen looks like this week:

Monday–>4 mile run

Tuesday–>resistance training(lifting weights, different muscle groups)

Wednesday–>3.5 mile run


Friday–>6 mile run

Saturday–>45 mins of other cardio like walking, stairs, elliptical, bike.


Here are some tips that I hope will help you!

  • Drink plenty of water, seriously. Just do it. A glass before a meal and a glass after.
  • Don’t weigh yourself daily.
  • Invest in a food scale pronto. They’re fairly cheap and definitely worth it!
  • Don’t make excuses, we make time for what is important to us.
  • Don’t give up whatever you do! Trust the process.
  • Plan ahead to avoid binges and over eating or eating junk!
  • Remember, everything in moderation. You can have dessert once a week, just dont do it everyday.
  • Post on here if you need extra encouragement or motivation. I would love to help any way I know how.

If I left anything out I’ll just edit this so check often.

Time for some shoutouts because I would be nowhere without the help of my family and friends. I would first like to thank my loving boyfriend who helped me set up and organize my macros through that amazing website, 1percentedge. He is body building so it is helpful to have someone with similar goals 🙂 I love you James. And thank you for my new bikini lol.

Next, my family and friends who are always so supportive and are excited about my journey as much as I am.

If you have time, please visit If you dont have time, make time! She is amazing, funny, and a great motivator/spirit lifter. Plus, she’s a Pisces, like me, and we share the same birthday, so check out her blog as well!

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy entry. Have a Fit day!Image

Why I Started and How I Got Here

Hello everyone!

I’m a newbie to this whole blog thing, but I figured I would give it a whirl. I just wanted to start off with a little background of why I began this journey to a healthy lifestyle, and share how I got to where I am today. So, if you don’t mind, let’s do a little time travel.

The year: 2010. Where: my doctor’s office.

At this time, I was 20. I was just authorized (under Obama’s healthcare plan) to be reinstated on my father’s health insurance, and just went in for a full physical and check up. I had went in a week prior to give some blood for testing and my doctor called me in to go over the results and perform other routine testing when I got the news. I had this doctor for as long as I can remember, so I knew him pretty well. When I saw his face after looking at his computer, I knew something was up. He looked at me very calmly, and said, “Alicia, you have high cholesterol. In fact, it is extremely high, and we need to begin treatment right away before other complications occur.”

My initial reaction? Shock. Disappointment. Fear. Embarrassment.

He added, “There is good news though. Your HDL (good cholesterol) is also very high.” I’m thinking, how can this be? High levels of both LDL and HDL? It seemed unusual to me, but I am not a doctor, just a nursing student in their first year of college, so what do I know? Anyway, I began my treatment, a dose of simvastatin (cholesterol lowering medication), and life as I knew it changed. No alcohol, foods high in Niacin, saturated fat, sodium, or grapefruit. He also urged me to incorporate more physical activity if I were to get better before anything else got worse. I had played soccer since I was 9, so being active wasn’t a problem for me, I just needed to exercise more frequently is all. Instead of 3 days a week, I had to be active for at least 4-5. Being a full time college student and trying to fit in 5 days of exercise for at least an hour was a challenge at first.

Fast forward about 7 months. I had to monitor my cholesterol levels every few months to see if the meds were working and if my health was improving. I went in for testing again a week prior before I got the GOOD news.–“Alicia, congratulations! Your LDL levels are at 42! You are the poster child for good cholesterol! Oh and by the way, you may stop taking the meds if you’d like so you can drink.” I was incredibly happy with this phone call, especially since my 21st birthday was about 3 days away. It was the best birthday gift I could have given myself, good health.

I first started this journey because I needed to. I could have very well relapsed into old habits since I was healthy again, but I didn’t want to. I had learned so much from doing research to heal myself as well as taking several health-related classes in college that I couldn’t possibly go back to where I was. Right? You would think so. Losing weight at the time was not my main concern so I didn’t pay attention to how much I weighed. As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. HUGE.”

My second health scare came earlier this year. I was about 172 pounds, and my doctor shared with me that I was overweight (obviously), and my liver was failing. FAILING. MY LIVER. I WAS ONLY 21! This was scarier than the high cholesterol times a million. Basically, if I didn’t lose the weight I might need a transplant. Man, if that won’t make you change I don’t know what will. I’m too young to be that sick. Granted my genetics worked against me, being Hispanic and all. My family has a long line of heart attacks, diabetes, and pretty much every CVD (cardiovascular disease) known. I didn’t want my pre-disposing factors to define me. I wanted to define me. Now, I’m never looking back. Every time I run I am chasing the new me, and running from the old me. I hope I never see her again. I also hope my story can help motivate others. Join me on my journey and lead a Fit Girl Lifestyle!

Anyway, weight loss is my focus now. It’s a love-hate relationship, but mostly love. When I started I weighed in at 185 lbs. I’m 5’4″….haha yeah…Things are just a tad bit different now 😉 Today’s weigh in I am 148 lbs. That’s 37 pounds of FAT gone in little under a year. Maybe it took me a while, but you know what? In the beginning, like when I lost about 15, I’ll be honest and say I got a little off track with the holidays and everything, but I didn’t gain much back. Ever since then I’ve been really dedicated. My goal is the big five zero, and I knowwill get there.

Here are some before and afters 🙂



I’m sorry they’re all different sizes lol. I will get it down eventually I’m sure.

Remember, don’t give up. You will have your dream body one day.